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  1. It's ok, My friend will help me, He owns a site like Mines, and has alot of mods, So theres no worry.

  2. Yeah. I can reply in anyones profile. :D

  3. Yeah, Already did, They helped me out, they just said leave the board for a few days after it's done. Guess it for the calibration, Oh and i might upgrade like thegtaplace.

  4. Which? Mines?

    It will be up soon, It's hard to fix everything up.

  5. Im board as usual....

  6. Problems with the Posting, and SQL database

  7. Hey Ciaran.. Whats up?

  8. Hey SkyliИe^, Your just about 1 year older than me. lol, Well gotta go.

  9. Hey, Dave, Nice pic there :D

  10. TM™

    Must be RLY happy about Lost, But you have to wait, lol

  11. Nice Profile Chirs.

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