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Status Updates posted by TM™

  1. I have been playing quite alot of FC2. Hehe. :D

  2. Your new name (Which I just thought up for the lulz) should be MoonBound. :P

  3. Love your sig, with the green in the middle, and the other 2 on the side near the same colour as your sig's BG, it looks nonetheless awesome.

  4. hai thar, how are you? :)

  5. Copying Chris, ain't we GTA Dumbass? :P

  6. I've done something. :D Check it out in that topic.

  7. how are you mate? long time no chat. :)

  8. Lol, nice sig, I really like it. You're doing great atm. Keep it up.

  9. LOL your sigs are so funny, haha.

  10. Hey Jace, haven't chatted in a while. How are you? :)

  11. Your siggy looks good dude. Reminds me of a cartoon... :P

  12. I'm doing good. Snowing out here and so I decided to make myself a snowman! :) Oh yeah, college was cancelled, so yeah, was fun.

  13. Hey mate, how are you? :)

  14. Thnx Donathon! :)

  15. Hey Don, who's that girl on your desktop called? Think I'm gonna create a sig of here...

  16. Probably. Probably not. :)

  17. Hey mate, long time no chat. :)

  18. lolwut. The stig? Haha, nice one Llama. I like, I really do. :)

  19. Yeah cool man, I'm hopefully going to be getting it soon, I'll let you know soon! :)

  20. No mate, I haven't tried it yet, but I've been hearing it's good, well a little bit good.

    I suggest you try it out cause you could give me feedback on it. :)

  21. Hey Mr. Bound, nice job on getting your moderating status, oh yeah, how's life? :P

  22. Sherman Tank, lol. You should put the "Tank" at the end, then it will own. :D

  23. rarrrr :P

    Hey mate, was up? :)

  24. The sperminator. :P I know you're not gonna approve of this. :P

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