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  1. You need to be rated 5 stars mate. :)

  2. we has not talked in a loong time.


  3. Hey mate. Realized you've joined here ages ago. Have a great time here, again. :P

  4. TM™

    Hey mate. :)

    Check your sig out in my gfx topic.

  5. Hai thar ma nigra bro. wuz up?

  6. HAY! I'll say yes to that request. :P J/k

  7. Have a break, have a Kit-Kat! :P

  8. TM™

    Ah, I have nothing to do in the weekend. :( But yeah, like always.

  9. TM™

    And yeah, redheads are ftw.

  10. TM™

    nothing much, just doing some work...

  11. Nothing really, just chilling on TheStreetsOfGTA now... Since you were asking when it will open, well it's OPEN!

  12. "and do consider myself to be the coolest person that ever lived."

    - Lol, I think that too. XD

  13. TM™

    Hai, I'm fine. It's been a long, long time since we last chatted eh? :)

  14. South Park ftw.

  15. Oh yay! You're dead! :D

  16. Again, Thanks! :)

  17. Who's that on your personal profile pic?

  18. I has better personal photo dan u.

    lol. Hey mate, what's up?

  19. My site is working, it's just not up yet. :P

    Heh, it will be up in September sometime.

  20. Did I post on your page? If so, sorry. :\

  21. Haha, well just to let ya know it's not me. (I wish I was). :P

  22. Your head is big than your body. :P

    Considering it's an nearly exact image to yourself, it looks kinda gay lol. Anyways, waz popin Chris?

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