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  1. TM™

    Why thank you! :D

  2. Don't accept it. It's keylogger on my computer.

  3. TM™

    It's only been 1 day and I'm not even dead yet. :0

  4. TM™

    I've got Photoshop on my computer. So I'm busy on their too.

  5. TM™

    Haha... So what's life doing to you recently?

  6. TM™

    Coffee... Cause it's "Hot Coffee". :)

  7. TM™

    mmm.... Good evening Mr V. =|

  8. Congrats on your promotion! (Please don't ban me, lol. XD).

  9. Hi Llama! Must be fuckin' happy now that you've got a full mod position. Don't ban me (Wait a sec, I'm a mod here too XD).

    Anywho, congrats.

  10. lolz, happy birthday Urban! You're 99 years old lol.

  11. TM™

    We met online, bitch? :D

  12. TM™

    Hi there again! :)

  13. Haha, you have a 2 month holiday and you later have to go back to school on your birthday, my birthday is near towards the end of school, so yeah. :D

  14. Uh, well I'm on Holiday as well, feels great being away from school for 2 weeks!

  15. Oh no... You're 500 posts away from reaching me... D:

  16. Hi, hows life been for you?

  17. TM™

    I meant you need to update your Personal Statment*.

  18. TM™

    You need to "Personal Statement", because your not the Architect, but you could be... :|

  19. TM™

    Happy Birthday man! Hope you get laid (again). =)

  20. TM™

    Good, cuz I think you already are. O.o

  21. TM™

    Get high.

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