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Status Updates posted by TM™

  1. My Sig sucks? :o

  2. lol. You seem to love meat alot.... You carnivore! Lawl. :P

    Since you do like Pork and it does come from a pig... ounk like a pig.

  3. Donkey Porker, why not Donkey Poker? :o

  4. Read my Sig.

  5. Now I'm gonna catch up :-) But that's gonna take me a long time to reach that far. :P

  6. You reached 5,000 posts.


  7. Hey, where are you? Haven't seen you post in days...

  8. Lol, your not GTA Ninja, you're Neo. :-P

  9. Lawl. What do you think? :P

    No, I really don't. I don't like this God For saken place called the Internet. I have to go through Firefox.[/sarcasm]

  10. Hey Silberio. Whats up? :>)

  11. Wha...


    No offence Paul, but that sounds retard. :-0

  12. Hi again.

    Whats up? :)

  13. Great. I'm heading out tomorrow to London and afterwards heading around Wembly.

  14. Lol, you locked /B/Random topic, again. Whats up with you?

    Anyways, whats up?

  15. Hey man, whats up?

  16. TM™

    Lol, you look drunk there Gycu. XD

  17. TM™

    Good. I just finished off my cookies yesterday. :-(

  18. You'd look a little different though. But sometimes people look good in glasses. :|

  19. I thought you didn't. :/

    I don't even have glasses yet.

  20. Lol, get some glasses. j/k. lol.

    And yeah, Everything's going pretty well for me. How about you?

  21. Hey Yellow Jacket, whats up? :-)

  22. TM™

    Yeah, I was going to place something over the '^' But I wasn't thinking right.

    Any who, Whats up?

  23. Silb, look at one of the older topics in the forum, you 'll see why he's called the hottest member.


  24. At home, I'm bored. :( Plus I got to finish the map off...

  25. Hey man, whats up?

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