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    gta san andreas specials

    Well,this happened with me only one time.You know one time,I was flying a dodo near the las venturas airport when suddenly,a stuntplane hit me while i was flying.You know sometimes,you must have seen the airplanes flying all over the state in the air.Like that,one of the airplanes hit me.I tried to do it again.I was going to record it,but it never happened again.
  2. shootist

    Favorate Weapon

    When I got the game,I thought that the fucking heat seeking-rocket launcher was the best but it isn't.The Vulcan minigun is the best.Now i have it.It destroys a car like in 4 bullets.
  3. shootist

    How big are YOUR breasts?

    Man,I'm flat chested right now.I'm 17.I think at the age of 30,i'll have breasts then.
  4. shootist

    What are you currently playing?

    These are all the games i've been playing.Some are SHIT!!! 1.Gta 3 2.gta vice city 3.gta san andreas 4.gta liberty city stories 5.gta vice city stories. 6.Counter strike 6.1 7.Prince of Persia The Two Thrones 8.Fifa 10 and 11. 9.James Bond Quantum of Solace 10.Smackdown vs Raw 2009 Hey guys,Only these games i have right now.Next month,I'm willing to buy more.
  5. shootist

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hey everybody,i just joined yesterday.
  6. I have san andreas on pc.sometimes i use the cheat HESOYAM for money 25,000 and for armor.
  7. shootist

    GTA 5 Ideas

    The thing which rapture 2.0 is good.Same goes for me.I wanted to tell that only.Good work!!!
  8. shootist

    Veichles you wish for in the Next GTA?

    I like Ferrari FXX and Lamborghini Gallardo.They both are great cars.
  9. shootist

    Weapons List for GTA-5

    The weapons should be: 1..357 or the desert eagle. 2.A silenced pistol should also be there. 3.The shotguns from gta 4 should all come to gta 5. 4.Upgraded SMGs should be there. 5.Machine guns,m4 or m16.Or ak47. 6.Heavy weapons should be like m60 from vice city.
  10. shootist

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    My wishlist for gta 5 is, 1.The graphics should be improved. 2.When we fire a rocket launcher on a building,it should blast and break.And when we later pass it by,There should be construction work being done on it. 3.Every shop and building should be accessible. 4.We have to decorate our own house with furniture.Get things from markets. 5.If we get hurt,then we have to enter the hospital to get us healed up. 6.We should also enter the police stations and tell some officers that we need help.something like that. 7.We can call anyone from our cellphone,like it was in gta 4. This is my wishlist.
  11. shootist

    Next GTA Location

    I'd say it should be set in san andreas.San andreas is a good place for the latest gta game.
  12. shootist

    who would win in a fight between...

    Man,i'd vote for cj because he's well trained.
  13. shootist

    III vs. VC vs. SA

    I vote for san andreas.Its much bigger and the graphics are better than vice city and gta 3.The protagonist cj makes the game a bit great.In san andreas,i like to travel everywhere in the countryside.
  14. shootist

    GTA Theme you loved the most.

    I like gta liberty city stories and vice city stories.Liberty city was the best.vice city stories is also great.I like cj's rap also.
  15. shootist

    San Andreas Stories discussion

    San Andreas stories should be in los santos. It should show when cj was in liberty city,and we are sweet,brother of cj. It should show the death of sweets mother.And also the life of sweet when his mom was alive before her death. Sorry for my bad English.
  16. shootist

    Your Grand Theft Auto Collection

    I have these gta games. Grand Theft Auto in PC. Grand Theft Auto 2 in pc. Gta 3 in pc. Gta vice city in pc. Gta san andreas in pc. Gta liberty city stories in ps2. Gta vice city stories in ps2. I don't have gta 4, Chinatown wars and gta advance.
  17. Gta 3 was a legendary game.Loved it ever since i got it.The same thing happens with me.I can't fly the dodo to view the hidden sections of the city.Gta vice city was just a little good from gta 3.
  18. shootist

    First GTA?

    My first was gta 3.I was 8 years when i got it.Loved it since i got it.After some months,the game stopped working.I was sad.
  19. shootist

    The most aggressive antagonist.

    Man,every vote is different!!! I voted frank tenpenny as the main antagonist and minor antagonists were the Mendez brothers.All three of them in the game were very bad to me.Assholes in the game.
  20. shootist

    Your Favorite GTA Easter Eggs

    In gta san andreas,one of my favorite easter eggs are the sign on the gant bridge and the body bags in the desert. In vice city ,on the vcpd news building,the chocolate easter egg.very funny.In vice city stories it is under construction.
  21. shootist

    Your most favorite GTA game.

    My favourite is gta san andreas.Because in it,we can fly airplanes.The only gta game to allow to fly an airplane.And one more thing,it doesn't show one city,it shows the whole state.The strong language made it a bit great.Also,we can go to clothing stores and buy clothes and eat food from restraunts.San andreas is a exciting game.I have completed it so many times.Nothing can beat san andreas.Unless,gta 5 is released!!
  22. Yeah,i am also confused that what does the vcpd maverick do? I have vcs on ps2.If anyone knows,then please tell me something.
  23. Wow! Gta vice city stories get the best handheld game of the year!! A great award for a great game. People should buy san andreas and vice city stories rather than play gta 4.I am not saying that gta 4 is a bad game.I'm just saying because its a little difficult.My stupid friend says gta 4 is quite dull and boring.gta 4,gta san andreas and vice city stories are great games.
  24. shootist

    GTA San Andreas coming to Xbox Originals

    Hey guys,i'm a new man here in the gta place.this is my first reply on the gta place.Right,lets start with the discussion.You know,i think its great that san andreas came on xbox 360.Some people think its not okay for xbox.