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  1. Trevor_Philips

    New GTAV Previews and Screenshots

    Yeah, but I also agree with Blur that 25% might be a better amount than a full half.
  2. Trevor_Philips

    SLAYER's Jeff Hanneman has passed on

    I'm not really a fan myself, but a real tragedy. RIP.
  3. Trevor_Philips

    First place to visit in GTA V?

    Maybe carjacking won't be as simple this time around? It was made into a small minigame in Mercs 2 where you needed specific button combinations and presses for different vehicles, so maybe Rockstar went a similar route this time around?
  4. Trevor_Philips

    New GTAV Previews and Screenshots

    Sounds a lot like Saints Row's car customization, which I've had hours upon hours of fun with. And hopefully suspension upgrades include lift kits.
  5. Trevor_Philips

    Official GTA V Cover Art Revealed

    I like it, nice and colorful. Probably the best cover art yet, IMO.
  6. Trevor_Philips

    First place to visit in GTA V?

    I doubt there will be a Grove Street. In fact, I'm almost certain there won't be. First thing I do will probably be explore the sea floor in a sub.
  7. Trevor_Philips

    Multiplayer Reinvented

    You think they're gonna create some new and innovative way for players to run around in videogame land and shoot at each other? Lawl. Not trying to sound condescending, but how many variations of that model can there possibly be? Really now, aside from better graphics, how has MP changed in the 10+ years now since it was catapulted it into console mainstream?
  8. Trevor_Philips

    gta 5 what do you think?

    Not that I'm pushing the OP's plot theory, but this isn't entirely true. At least three characters so far (not counting Lazlow due to him being a real person who aids in writing for the GTA games) have crossed over into the GTA IV/V era: Fernando Martinez, Jack Howitzer, and Derrick the Dodo.
  9. Trevor_Philips

    New GTA V Previews Coming 2nd May

    Well, I'm looking forward to them. The more varied terrain we've seen alone makes me *almost* (keyword) certain I'll enjoy GTA V a lot more than IV, which I won't deny was a bit of a letdown even though I did moderately enjoy it. I'm can't wait to see that game's collection of 4x4 and off-road vehicles and the idea of a fully explorable sea floor has me very intrigued. The girl in the bathtowel doesn't look like Michael's wife, though, she looks more like Sharon from TBoGT to me.
  10. Trevor_Philips

    Comedy Club LC personality Katt Williams POLICE CHASE

    I predict we'll see Mr. Williams returning in GTA V as a cast member on Waning with the Stars.
  11. Trevor_Philips

    Something odd about traffic in Bohan

    I've never been to New York, so I wouldn't presume to know anything about traffic there.
  12. I've noticed at least three locations (all within walking distance of each other) that have both traffic lights and stop signs. Is this intentional or a goof up?
  13. Trevor_Philips

    Niko Bellic is not Russian?

    They're Serbian.
  14. Trevor_Philips

    GTA V Delayed, Release Date: 09/17/2013

    I'm fairly sure Tun3r is being sarcastic. At least I hope he is. Anyway, I say take all the time they need. If it means they can release with as few bugs and as many properly fuctioning features as they can, I'm happy to wait. I have GTA: Vice City and San Andreas on my PS3 to pass the time, so I'm set for now.
  15. Would I like to see a sequel to SA? Yes, but preferably not a direct sequel. I think it'd be better to have a completely different storyline unrelated to SA's, since one of the strong points of the GTA games is that you don't have to have played the previous game to understand what's happening or know who somebody is. The only way a direct sequel could work IMO is if CJ was the big bad this time around, had grown too powerful for his own good, and wronged one of his underlings or friends, that underling/friend being the player character.
  16. Trevor_Philips

    R* asks your input on GTA V Crews!

    How about scrapping MP altogether and using those resources to refine the game's story, environment, atmosphere, etc.? I wonder how R* would react to that suggestion?
  17. Trevor_Philips

    Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 Coming 6th November

    No offense to those who like the above games, but HD releases of GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, LCS, and VCS would be far more welcome news to me. GTA IV and Saints Row 2/3 aren't cutting it for me anymore.
  18. Trevor_Philips

    What is your favourite GTA city?

    Vice City.
  19. Trevor_Philips

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    Yeah, three. I did nothing wrong in the first two cases, but I'm unsure about the third as I never bothered to investigate it. One was on a forum where the staff were basically exempt from the rules and allowed and encouraged to insult whoever they wanted, whenever they wanted to. I stated preference for a certain item because I simply liked it more. A mod responded saying my choice "had no logic to back it up". I replied by stating "I like it more, that's my logic". A short bit later, I got a PM from an administrator admonishing me for a "personal attack". I contested it and asked how my personal preference for an item could be considered a personal attack. I never get a response and the next thing I know, I'm locked out of the forum. The second instance was after I'd taken over control of my own forum. The admin of another forum I'd left months before got wind of it and, dillusionally (wait, is that a word? XD) thinking that he owned me, "requested" that I shut my forum down and return to his or a "forum war" was on. I refused. He went one step further and tried to bribe me into shutting my site down with a staff position and "free reign" over a specific member at his site that I had unfriendly disagreements with. I still refused (the "Spartan" in my username has a meaning that's most definitely not Halo-related). After that he threatened that if I didn't shut my site down and return to his, he was going to ban me from his site. I told him to go ahead and ban me if he wanted to and ceased communication with him after that. This was, I think, two or so years ago and I don't know if he ever tried to wage that so-called forum war he was threatening or not, but last time I checked, I was still banned from his site and I still have no intention of shutting my site down or returning to his. The third was a news website that I was banned from commenting on. I reported a racist comment, then next I checked, I was banned from commenting. Never found out why, but then again, I never really cared enough to find out in the first place, so yeah. And aside from that, I've run upon a few blogs and such that I was banned from commenting on despite never having visited them before. Though this can probably be chalked up to random changes of IP address and "luck of the draw". So that's my story, minus names and specific info to preserve individuals' privacy.
  20. Trevor_Philips

    Grand Theft Auto 5 inadvertently confirmed on Twitter?

    I really hope he isn't voicing the protagonist in GTA 5... In fact, if he voices ANYONE in GTA 5, I hope we get to kill the guy.
  21. Trevor_Philips

    Would you want Niko,Roman, Mallorie, LJ to return?

    I'm indifferent in regards to them returning. I just don't want to play as Niko again.
  22. Trevor_Philips

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    *Set in a revamped Vice City that takes Miami as well as various other bits and pieces of Florida (which is anything but a giant urban center) as a basis. They could do something like the Scarface game did and have a grouping of lawless islands run by gangs and drug caretels that you can fly or boat out to for your off-roading pleasure. *More diversity in the police. Male, female, uniformed officers, plain clothes detectives, SWAT, etc.. *Vehicle customization. More extensive customization options for more vehicles (even police vehicles and semi-trucks!) would be nice. *Maybe some more stylization in certain vehicle types? GTA has always seemed biased toward sports cars to me and I'd like to have "sports trucks" and "sports SUVs" such as this and this. *Female protagonist. She doesn't have to be a bodybuilder, she could be ex-military or even a mercenary. Women in the US Marine Corps aren't all bulky bodybuilders, but they aren't exactly weaklings either (if you don't believe me, go find one and pick a fight with her... ). You can criticize the idea all you want, but I think it'd make for an interesting change of perspective.
  23. Trevor_Philips

    Weapons List for GTA-5

    Replace the full-size AK with a short-barreled AKMSU without a stock. Great firepower up close, but bad accuracy at range due to not having a stock. Give the M4 an optic (ACOG, EOTech, doesn't matter as long as it's an optic). It doesn't have to be functional or anything, I just want it for aesthetic purposes. A suppressed pistol like we had in GTA:SA. I don't care if it's a Glock, a 1911, a Beretta, or whatever, I just want it suppressed.
  24. Trevor_Philips

    Introduce Yourself..

    Another editor from Grand Theft Wiki (where I'm known as Ghost Leader) coming in to plague you all, so hi. And that's pretty much all I can think of to say right now.