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    Walking Dead Season 5; No Sanctuary!

    Walking Dead >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Game of Thrones. Don't get me wrong, I love fantasy and sword and sorcery (I'm a huge fan of Robert E. Howard's Conan), but I've watched GoT on a number of occasions and never found it all that interesting or engaging.
  2. Trevor_Philips

    Seth Rogen, James Franco - Movie CANCELLED

    The movie will eventually get released. Once the world forgets about Dim Kim II's empty little hissy fit in a few months and moves on to more important matters, it'll get a quiet DVD and streaming release. BS, they're his puppets and anyone in the world with half a brain knows it. No, it's just the typical grandstanding we always get from NK. Dim Kim I made similar "threats" when Team America came out, yet nothing ever happened.
  3. Trevor_Philips

    Rockstar Finally Reveal Heists for GTA Online

    Trucks and helicopters with mounted heavy machine guns? What looks like an armored Buffalo? An aircraft carrier?!
  4. Trevor_Philips

    Walking Dead Season 5; No Sanctuary!

    I really didn't expect Beth to die how and when she did. At first I didn't even realize what had happened, all I knew was that Beth stabbed Dawn, there was a gunshot, and I didn't know what that red spot on the back of her head was. It didn't sink in until I saw her collapse and how the rest of the group reacted. My GF and I both expected her to die protecting someone and that her eventual death would resemble Lori's in the comic.
  5. Trevor_Philips

    Are We in DLC Phase 2?(Video)

    All I know is we were told there would be an announcement regarding Story Mode DLC continuing Michael's, Franklin's, and Trevor's story by the end of 2014, but yet 2014 is almost over now and we haven't heard a peep. New weapons and vehicles are great, but it would be nice if we got something a little deeper. There was also talk early on when the game first released on PS3/360 of expanding the game world, but anything like that has yet to materialize either.
  6. Trevor_Philips

    Riots and Protests echo 1992 L.A.

    Considering footage of people being pulled out of their cars and beaten during the 92 riots, I don't blame the driver. I'd go GTA on their asses myself if I felt I was in danger.
  7. Trevor_Philips

    Happy Turkey Day, if that's Your Thang

    I prefer a nice canned ham. I'll eat turkey if there's nothing else, but generally I don't like it.
  8. Trevor_Philips

    Candy Suxxx artful tribute on Newstands?!

    I thinks it's less a tribute to the character than it is a marketing ploy using GTA's current popularity to sell magazines.
  9. Trevor_Philips

    GTA5 Animals

    Domestic cats, new species of dogs, rabbits, hammerhead sharks, and killer whales, that I know of for sure. No sign of bears or horses, unfortunately.
  10. Trevor_Philips

    Hell On Wheels signed to one last Season (AMC)

    I hate to derail this thread, but the TWD spinoff is still on as of this past October 30th. http://www.jbgnews.com/2014/10/the-walking-deads-spin-off-series-gets-a-director/303206.html
  11. Trevor_Philips

    Comparison Graphics GTA V Remastered

    It isn't a matter of people "not playing the same", it's a matter of people not knowing when it's time to shut the game off and go to bed.
  12. Trevor_Philips

    Comparison Graphics GTA V Remastered

    "On your feet" was figurative. I play games (including RDR) for hours on end, too, yet I've never once fallen asleep in the process.
  13. Trevor_Philips

    I was bored and created AreTheHeistsThereYet.com

    the game was advertised basically all about heists man.... I think people have the right too be pissed, and his 'hobby' , making websites , pays alot more than woodwork Like I already said, I don't fault anyone for being upset about the heist situation. I think that website he made is just stupid and reeks of whining and bitching.
  14. Trevor_Philips

    Comparison Graphics GTA V Remastered

    "Soothing effect", yeah right. It's called video game addiction and when you can't realize it's time to stop playing because you're falling asleep on your feet, you need help.
  15. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/news/article/52337/details-on-exclusive-content-for-returning-gtav-players-on Beat you to it, Chris! The Duke O'Death looks sick and Michael's murder mystery sounds interesting. Glad I'm upgrading to PS4!
  16. Is Xbox the only one getting this re-release?
  17. Sweet, the Innovation is back! My fave bike from TLAD after the Hexer.
  18. Trevor_Philips

    ISIS Crisis

    And on top of all that... Look, I get that people are weary after Afghanistan and Iraq and that's entirely understandable, but ISIS is shaping up to become a far more dangerous threat than any we've seen in recent years and isn't a problem that's going to solve itself. Plus, you know things are getting bad when the United States and Iran are on the same page! The longer we sit by with our thumbs up our asses, the worse it's going to get.
  19. Not surprising. Name one thing gamers these days don't rage about.
  20. Trevor_Philips

    Last Of Us Hands on review/report

    Not trying to be rude, but you're using it wrong. Uncharted 4 is in development, this is a fact established by ND. Not being "talked about in depth" doesn't make it a rumor.
  21. Trevor_Philips

    Last Of Us Hands on review/report

    Uncharted 4 is long past the rumor stage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncharted_4:_A_Thief%27s_End
  22. Trevor_Philips

    Terrible news of Robin Williams suicide

    Not to sound insensitive, but I can't really feel sorry for someone that kills himself. Suicide is a coward's way out.
  23. Trevor_Philips

    I was bored and created AreTheHeistsThereYet.com

    I don't fault anyone for being upset about the heists situation. I feel the same. But what exactly is so bad about all the free DLC we've gotten so far? At least 99% of gamers feel almost all DLC that isn't free is a ripoff. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? Would you rather get nothing at all or would you rather pay $3.00 a pop for each of these packs? So? He still needs a hobby with which to put his time to better use.
  24. Trevor_Philips

    Deleted Things from SA

    Uh... it's a pinned topic, not like he searched 30 pages back. And even then, bumping an old topic doesn't necessarily make him a spambot. Since when have you ever seen a spambot posting topic-related material and said user with a 700+ post count?
  25. Trevor_Philips

    Underdog GTA IV Myth

    Speaking even as a regular lurker of the GTA Myth Wiki, I'd take a lot of what they have on there with a grain of sand, and not just because it's a wiki either. I get the impression that some of the "myths" detailed on there are simply made up by editors there with no in-game evidence to back them up. Giant alligators in the sewer, stampeding elephants in the streets, and the aforementioned Bigfoot of Bohan, for example. There's even a forum topic there suggesting that the gas stolen by Michael/Trevor/Franklin in preparation for the Vangelico heist is zombie gas. Don't get me wrong, the GTA Myths are fun and investigating them has added countless hours of enjoyment to the games for me, but some of them just sound too ridiculous and outlandish to have any in-game basis.