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    Favourite Song On Vice City

    Impossible to answer. Vice City and Vice City Stories both have the best soundtracks of any GTA game to date and that likely won't ever change.
  2. Trevor_Philips

    Mount Gordo ghost talking?

    I've seen the ghost on several occasions and never heard anything that resembled spoken words. The most out of the ordinary thing I've ever heard there (and elsewhere north of BC) is the occasional Bigfoot scream (sounds sort of like a sports motorcycle engine at high RPMs, but lower, more guttural, and organic) in the background.
  3. This shows where you can get it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UewsIi2Dms May not necessarily be news to everyone, but I just now found it and I assume there are probably others who haven't as well.
  4. Trevor_Philips

    GTA Online Independence Day Special Starts Today

    So did the Liberator, Sovereign, and firework launcher suddenly disappear from anyone else's SP game? I know they said limited time, but I thought that was only for online.
  5. Trevor_Philips

    I was bored and created AreTheHeistsThereYet.com

    It's utterly stupid and you need a more productive hobby to enrich your life. Can I suggest woodworking? it's very rewarding and you can make a little extra money by selling your creations because people go nuts over this sort of stuff. Considering the bitching and whining you people do about all the free DLC we've gotten, I would find it so hilarious if they made heists a pay DLC. Seriously, why do people complain about getting stuff for free? Rockstar could have charged us $2.99 a pop for each of these DLC packs and would have been well within their right. But instead they've released them all to us for free and you people have done nothing but bitch.
  6. Trevor_Philips

    GTA Online Independence Day Special Starts Today

    Don't forget the alcohol and a non-apologetic attitude.
  7. Trevor_Philips

    GTA Online: "I'm Not a Hipster" Update Now Available

    Prime example in that I didn't mention spamming nor claim you as being responsible for it.
  8. Trevor_Philips


    Or one can just level up legitimately and not get penalized when Rockstar fixes this glitch, too.
  9. Trevor_Philips

    GTA Online: "I'm Not a Hipster" Update Now Available

    And 90% of your posts have absolutely no relevance to the topics they're in. We all have differing opinions on a lot of things.
  10. Trevor_Philips

    GTA Online: "I'm Not a Hipster" Update Now Available

    A little bit disappointed with the Glendale, I was hoping it'd resemble it's GTA: SA counterpart. Love the new Blade, though. The Dubsta 6x6 is a beast, but it fishtails pretty easily.
  11. Trevor_Philips

    GTA Online: "I'm Not a Hipster" Update Now Available

    The Rhapsody is back? Sweet! I hope it still has that picture of Wayne and Garth in it! Shwing!
  12. Trevor_Philips

    Nothing but problems on Xbox 360 (need help)

    Exactly how does an insurrection on an Internet forum work?
  13. ^You mean current gen. PS3 and 360 are last gen now. At any rate, if these hammerheads are a sign of an expanded wildlife roster, it might make me start thinking about getting a PS4. I was really dissatisfied with the lackluster amount of species in GTA V compared to Red Dead Redemption.
  14. Trevor_Philips

    NEW Heist DLC Weapons Leaked

    Most of those have already been released, but as for the *actual* new ones... another freaking pistol and assault rifle? The trench knife and HK21 MG are cool, but there are more pistols and assault rifles in the game than any other weapon type. Don't get me wrong, I like getting all the free DLC, but it would be nice if we got some new sniper rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, and thrown weapons.
  15. Trevor_Philips

    The Walking Dead and latest Writer's Room

    The reason the word "zombie" is never used is because, as Kirkman has previously stated, Night of the Living Dead and other such works of George Romero's were never made, and thus zombies never made their way into the TWD universe's mainstream fiction.
  16. Trevor_Philips


    Buying a legal copy instead of pirating it might get you somewhere.
  17. Yeah, well, it's a wholly overexaggerated turn of phrase. You're free to enjoy GTA for whatever reasons you choose, but so is everyone else. And one of the main reasons I enjoy it is because it gives society the parodying and mockery that it needs. And the values of religious institutions are something that need a deep looking into. The whole point of doing things that haven't been done is to see what works and what doesn't. It's called innovation. Hot Coffee was just one of those things that didn't work (mostly because society is so prudish), but yet its impact is felt to this day in games like Heavy Rain that are far more open about sex. If everyone played it safe like you instead of innovating, we'd still be living in caves and wearing loincloths. And I don't care about that book. Personally, I'm eagerly awaiting The Bloody Crown of Conan which I ordered off Amazon a week ago, but that's irrelevant to the topic of discussion, which is you trying to force your opinions and values on others. Point to anything in GTA V that surpasses a movie industry R rating. Violence? Profanity? Nope. Strippers? Nope. Drug use? Nope. Nudity and sex? I've seen plenty of R-rated movies with nudity and sex in them. Correction, it's what you consider to be value content. And, frankly, neither I nor anyone else are obligated to conform to that opinion (and yes, it is an opinion). Anytime a line is drawn in front of me, I'm going to step over it and slap the taste out of whoever drew said line. If you don't see GTA as having "value content" anymore, just stop playing the game. I got sick of Resident Evil being nothing more than a CoD clone, but instead of continuing to pump my money into it only to lament about it like a hypocrite, I just stopped playing it.
  18. As much as I might want there to be, there's no Bigfoot in the vanilla game. It's been modded to hell and back and no one has found anything in the game files. Don't get me wrong, if you enjoy myth hunting and it adds replayability to the game for you, more power to you. After all, the journey to your destination is part of the trip. But I'm just saying, there's no Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Leatherface, or any of these other things in the game because they would have been documented by now. All the "proof" you see is derived from modded games.
  19. Trevor_Philips

    Temp Banned over n over

    Why do you keep going back there when clearly the people who run the place have it out for you? Honestly not meaning to be insulting here, but you're acting like the obsessed ex-girlfriend and GTAF is the guy that you just can't accept wants nothing to do with you. You remember Margot from TBoGT? Well, you're her and GTAF is Luis.
  20. Trevor_Philips

    PC release still a No Show

    Maybe never? I get that it's not a popular suggestion, but there's always the chance.
  21. Trevor_Philips

    A vent on the local media's portrayal of video games.

    Specifically he discussed how it was useless as a method of extracting information and that, instead, we do it simply because we enjoy it. Honestly, that's arguably worse than any excuse the US government can come up with.
  22. Trevor_Philips

    What cars\vehicles would you like to see them add to the game?

    Yeah, a new Hydra is another one that was in the beta build at one point. Thanks for bringing it up and reminding me. There was also going to be an SUT version of the Patriot as well. Agree on the Cavalcade FXT and Blista Compact. The latter I consider to be one of GTA's signature vehicles because it's been in every GTA game except the 2D games and GTA III, and the latter's absence doesn't really make sense. Also the GTA IV Bobcat and Contender. Not a vehicle per say, but I'd love for lift kits to be added to car customization so I can raise a vehicle's suspension up like this if I want in addition to lowering it. I'd imagine lowrider fans would love hydraulics to be back in as well.
  23. Trevor_Philips

    Anything Hidden

    A Combat MG, RPG, sticky bombs, and body armor can be found in the Alamo Sea amidst the wreckage of the Marryweather cargo plane following the completion of the Franklin mission "Minor Turbulence". Here's a screenshot showing the exact location of the wreckage. You'll probably need a submarine and/or scuba gear to get to it, though.
  24. Trevor_Philips

    A vent on the local media's portrayal of video games.

    Just media fear mongering, as usual. I've said this before (probably on this very site) and I'll say it again: the media and society always seek to blame everything "corrupting" the youth of the time on something or someone else instead of bad parenting or mental illness. First it was movies (Rebel Without a Cause, for example), then comics, then it was music. Today it's video games. And tomorrow it'll probably be something else. I'm 30 now (will be 31 this year) and I've watched violent movies like Predator and Commando since as long as I can remember, I went through the phase when I liked gangster rap and all that, I've played violent video games like GTA ever since I was ~14, loved firearms since around the same age, and yet the worst I've done is gotten a couple of red light tickets (first one was a technicality, second one I admit my attention was diverted and I zoned out which, yes, was incredibly irresponsible). I've never done drugs, never smoked or drank, never killed anyone, I don't yell out racial slurs, or any of the crap that all these things supposedly cause. The reason being that my parents were actually involved in my life instead of plopping me down in front of the TV and forgetting about me. People have this idea that the world was "right" when they were young and that the new generation has strayed, but they refuse to acknowledge that their world was viewed the exact same way by the generation before them. It'll always be like that.