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    What cars\vehicles would you like to see them add to the game?

    No, but I'll jack it and keep it for myself.
  2. Trevor_Philips

    Deleted response/s

    On the topic of GTAF... http://gtaforums.com/topic/688624-nsfw-prostitutes-of-san-andreas-appreciation-thread/
  3. Trevor_Philips

    What cars\vehicles would you like to see them add to the game?

    I'd certainly like the Dukes in the game. Also the Rhapsody, Slamvan, and at least a couple more of the street bikes from TLAD. With The Lost playing a fairly important role in the game, I'd have expected more than just the Hexer to appear. "Off road" versions of more vehicles, like the Patriot, Bobcat, and Cavalcade. Hunter attack helicopter! A clearly HD-updated version was used in the trailer for the in-game movie, The Simian, so I see no reason it couldn't be made a controllable vehicle. I'd also love it if the Blimp, Khamelion, CarbonRS, and Hotknife were made available to those who didn't preorder. I got the Special Edition, so I have the blimp, but I couldn't afford the Collector's Edition and the Hotknife was one of my favorite vehicles in GTA: San Andreas. The Skimmer as well. It was seen in at least one pre-release screenshot, so it was in the game at some point. All I can think of for now.
  4. Trevor_Philips

    GTA: Online Spring Updates - Heists Are On The Way

    Argh! I want the M110A1 semi-auto sniper rifle that was cut from the game, not yet another assault rifle! With the exception of pistols, we have more assault rifles in the game than any other weapon type. Cars look cool, though. Especially the Zentorno, which I'm assuming is the red one due to its Lamborghini styling. Wish they'd give us a few gimmick cars, like maybe one themed around Impotent Rage or Brown Streak.
  5. I'm not suggesting they're going to pull the plug on RDR MP and you very well know that, I'm just saying they're no longer patching the game. Why do you constantly read between the lines of everything I say? If we were talking about apples, you'd run off about oranges, potatos, and cherries.
  6. No, certainly, if you enjoy it, then by all means keep playing. After all, that's what games and movies are for, to enjoy over and over again. I'm just saying, the developers stopped supporting it long time ago, when your initial post gave the impression you were expecting them to patch it again.
  7. You're behind the times. They stopped patching RDR a LONG time ago.
  8. Trevor_Philips

    Random events a disappointment?

    Does anyone else think GTA V's random events are disappointing compared to those in Red Dead Redemption? For me, it's mainly that the only repeatable ones are the armored car heists and ATM robberies. Now I can understand certain ones like those in which you unlock Packie and Taliana as heist crew members being one-time occurrences, but many others could have been made to repeat over time, such as the "border patrol" encounters when guys on dirt bikes or quads chase you down in the country, police chasing criminals on foot, shootouts between police and criminals like the one that occurs outside the motel in Harmony, and the "drug deal gone bad", among others. In contrast, I can pop in RDR and even on my game completion save, wander around on horseback and still happen upon bandit ambushes, cannibal encampments, escaping prisoners, stolen horses and wagons, people needing help of all kinds (ride to the nearest town, wife being hung by bandits, etc.), wilderness suicides, attempted murders of prostitutes, kidnappings, animal attacks, and so on. Look, I absolutely love GTA V, but this is among the few faults (excluding bugs) I find it has. I feel it falls short with random events compared to RDR. I would love to be cruising the ghetto and randomly find myself in the middle of a gang war between the Families and the Ballas or Vagos and Aztecas, or be trekking through the desert and suddenly find myself ambushed by a group of Lost MC bikers, or get set upon by Altruists when wandering around the mountains, or even be able to stop a convenience store robbery that I should happen on. But as it stands, once the bulk of these random events are "completed", LS and Blaine County become no more "alive" than Liberty City is in GTA IV.
  9. Trevor_Philips

    GTA Online: The Business Update Coming Next Week

    In all my years, I never thought people would have such a huge problem with free stuff.
  10. Trevor_Philips

    Insuring your cars

    How do you go about doing this?
  11. Trevor_Philips

    gta 5 cheats full list for ps3 and xbox 360

    Already posted quite a while ago.
  12. Trevor_Philips

    i can't install the hotcoffee mod! HELP

    How is this even a grammatically correct response to anything I said? If anything, you're the one trying to enrage and "show up" me. No, quite the opposite actually. And I've done nothing in this topic to disrespect you, all I did was rebut an incorrect claim you made. In response, you lost your head and made up all these outlandish claims that you've wrongly tried to attribute to me. And I'm well within my right to correct you if I know you're wrong. But the thing is, this topic has zilch to do with the original GTA: SA minigame. It always had zilch to do with it. The subject of this topic is the HC mod for GTA IV, which you claimed didn't exist when it, in fact, does exist. It was you that brought up the original minigame, you that brought up GTAF, you that brought up this Patrick guy. None of those subjects had anything to do with this thread. You're welcome to keep crying "no offense taken" all you want, it doesn't make my supposed disrespect of you any less imaginary.
  13. Trevor_Philips

    Beebs ARRESTED

    It's happened again... http://www.aol.com/article/2014/01/29/justin-bieber-turns-himself-in/20819064/?ncid=webmail2 Maybe Rockstar's next project should be Grand Theft Bieber?
  14. Trevor_Philips

    i can't install the hotcoffee mod! HELP

    You didn't know an HC mod existed for GTA IV and stated incorrectly that no such thing existed. Why can't you just acknowledge that and accept that somebody younger than you knew something you didn't? I'm not trying to enrage you, I was never trying to do that. I corrected an incorrect statement you made and you lost your head over it. Hey, you were the one that brought GTAF up, not me. I NEVER MADE ANY CLAIM OTHERWISE!!! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I REPEAT THAT? WILL BOLD TEXT AND ALL CAPS HELP GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL?
  15. Trevor_Philips

    Beebs ARRESTED

    I hope he gets raped in jail.
  16. Trevor_Philips

    i can't install the hotcoffee mod! HELP

    You are the one with the ego here, not me. You made the claim that there was no HC mod for GTA IV, I told you you were wrong, and you apparently can't handle it. And what this has to do with anything in this topic, we'll never know. I know what mod stands for, I used to be heavily involved in the Rome: Total War modding scene. Go back and reread each and every one of my posts in this topic. You'll see I never claimed any such thing. To think, this all started when I merely corrected you and stated that, in fact, an HC mod for GTA IV does exist. And you think I'm the one with the ego? Yeah, there is actually one false truth: The fact that there is an HC mod for GTA IV, contrary to your very own claim. Wow, yet again you try to put words in my mouth. I never said this Patrick guy was or wasn't anything, I just wanted to know why I should care that he's an admin or a mod or whatever at GTAF.
  17. Trevor_Philips

    i can't install the hotcoffee mod! HELP

    My ego isn't a factor here, yours apparently is. You made a statement that was factually incorrect and all I did was correct it. You first tried to deny it by claiming you were talking about the original GTA: SA minigame (which this topic really has nothing to do with) when your own initial post contradicts this by clearly including the word "mod", then tried to deflect it by bringing up Rockstar's alleged lack of a "crack PC team" (something else this topic has nothing to do with). That's nice for him. Can you expand on why this should matter to me? Because, you know, I'm not, nor do I at this time have any intention of becoming, a member there. Something else this topic has nothing to do with. With all due respect to the Hausers, I'm not really all that interested in GTA's origin story at the moment.
  18. Trevor_Philips

    i can't install the hotcoffee mod! HELP

    None of that alters the fact that you incorrectly claimed there was no HC mod for GTA IV and I corrected you.
  19. Trevor_Philips


    Shouldn't all this GTA Online stuff be posted in, you know, the GTA Online subforum?
  20. Trevor_Philips

    i can't install the hotcoffee mod! HELP

    No one claimed there was an HC mode in vanilla GTA IV, the subject of the topic is a fan-made mode which, contrary to what you previously claimed, surely does exist.
  21. Trevor_Philips

    new DNS codes after patch 1.09

    Now if only they could do something about the game freezing on the loading screen when reloading a save without exiting the game altogether. This basically makes replaying missions impossible.
  22. Trevor_Philips

    i can't install the hotcoffee mod! HELP

    Yes, there is. I'd link as proof, but it's NSFW. Should come up as the first result in any search for "gta iv hot coffee mod", though. Edit: And so is the OP's avatar, for that matter.
  23. Trevor_Philips

    American muscle cars

    Yeah, the Blista Compact is one of the glaring omissions in the game's car list because it's been in every game from GTA III onward.
  24. Trevor_Philips

    Just finally beat the storyline

    Rockstar has finally managed to kick Vice City's story down to second place with GTA V (I still feel Vice City has the best atmosphere, though). I'm on my third playthrough and I still can't get enough of it. One scene that particularly stood out to me was the confrontation between Michael and Trevor in North Yankton, when Trevor learned the truth about Brad and how much of a snake Michael really is. The raw emotion in the voice acting of that scene was, to me at least, just amazing. Especially Michael's line when he tells Trevor to "take the fucking shot!"
  25. Trevor_Philips

    "Holiday Gift Downloaded"

    I just got this on-screen message as I was starting GTA V (SP). What's this "holiday gift"? I checked my wardrobe, Ammu-Nation, and garage, but there wasn't anything new. I also didn't get any extra money from anywhere. Haven't checked any clothing stores yet, though.