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  1. makes me cringe evertime i think about that. steveyboy, why in the hell would your parents pick to go to glasgow? its one of the most violent cities on the planet. if your going to scotland you should go somewere in the countryside because its fucking beutiful, but you say your mum hates the country? well no offence but she is really ignorant. theres pretty much nothing to do in glasgow, apart from getting murdered, or a chelsea smile (shuddering at the thought). by the way dont let on that you are american, because a lot of the gangs dont like foreigners
  2. Are you being serious cut yo jibber jabber, (sorry i just couldnt resist it ) micheal jackson is a legend, maybe the rumors about him are true, i dont know or care, all i know is his music is awesome
  3. Nah, if you're looking for a long-term relationship, go for personality. Screw the looks, if you really love the girl you won't care about her looks. Still, I'm not saying you to get the ugliest bitch ever, just go for the more interesting one. well i think if you can get a girl thats uber hot, and has a great personallity, then that is a win win situation. i met a girl like that last month, we were together for about a week, and then i went and fucked it all up. i got totally drunk, and told her she had a face like a "elephants penis"<those are the exact words i used, it was ment to be a joke but it came out all wrong, apparently i shouted it right in her face in an agressive way. alcohol really doesnt do me any favours i am not the person to ask for advice on relationships
  4. ah, the loonies, they were awesome, their gang car was my favorite car in gta 2
  5. trailer park mafia, i like their "badass, dont give a shit" style. and the bikers i like, for the same reason
  6. yo mommas so fat she comes from both sides of the family yo mommas so ugly even the freak show wouldnt take her yo mommas so stupid she threw a rock at the floor and missed
  7. i nuke your drum sticks into vapour, bitch!!! watchugunnadonow?
  8. Cool i used to be in the army cadets, but i was kicked out cos this prick of an officer thought it was funny that my dad died when i was 6, and out of rage i punched him and knocked 1 of his teeth out. i got thrown out and he just got a telling off. still i suppose i was lucky he didnt press charges
  9. what do you think is the worst music genre? mine is definatly R&B, its a rip of of hip hop
  10. not all of em are but the little hatchbacks, they r chavy
  11. a lot of my m8s think im mad 4 sayin this, but f*** em i hate the final fantasy games, and any other rpg, they r so boring.
  12. Lowrider; cypress hill My favorite rappers of all time
  13. are you talking about vice city or san andreas?
  14. possibly, but you couldnt take them from san andreas files, youd have to code similar ones into the main.scm, and make new models of the muscle, fat, and such. it would be very very difilcult. the guys making the state of liberty mod r trying to put swimming and climbing into it.
  15. north korea is only said ti have a couple of nukes, and their too big to convert them into missiles, so they would have to drop them from planes, which would be shot down the second they enter another country. they really dont have the firepower to win a full blown nuclear war, which kind of puts me at ease on the matter
  16. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yeah Sabre Turbos, Rule
  17. WHAT!! it would take loads and loads of nukes to blowup the whole planet, they tested loads o nukes in the pacific an the whole world doesnt seem blown up to me
  18. the mafia that hang around Bayside, (dont think they r very well known) but they r annoying cos they got desert eagles, and they can kill u easily, till i pull out my M4
  19. Loco Wolve$ Cars: Wolve$ Sabre (sabre turbo with lotsa graffiti on it) clothes: black or grey tops, black or grey bandanas Weapons: baseball bats, crowbars, axes, ingrams, stubby shotguns, colt pythons, ak47s, molotovs. Business: Theft, gun running, protection.
  20. I just watched this film at my m8s an i thought it was pretty good. Gory too
  21. i like personal jesus most ^^^^^^ marylyn manson ruined this tune though
  22. i like the idea of a Vice city comic strip, but i dont know if Tommy would look as good drawn in manga great idea though
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