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  1. amazingdude

    New GTAV Previews and Screenshots

    I think the idea of regenerative health is cool, solely because the A.I will be more intelligent than any of the previous games and I guess you will have to make a strategy during gunfights.
  2. amazingdude

    New GTAV Trailers! Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

    I'm pretty sure there's a phoenix involved in the cop chase.
  3. amazingdude

    Join Kifflom for a chance to be in GTAV

    "kifflom brother, uncle?" that's the most creepy lines for a cult, haha loved san Andreas(gta III era)
  4. amazingdude

    Official GTA V Cover Art Revealed

    Its a masterpiece! Certainly, the best one so far.
  5. exactly! I try to upload the new pic nothing happens even after reloading the page.Update- finally I can display my new pic. Everything has been solved, thanks Chris!
  6. amazingdude

    GTA San Andreas Crashes/Freezes!

    Delete all the mods and reinstall the game also try to delete the Cleo folder if you have it in the game's directory.
  7. amazingdude

    Any Chance of A Return To Grove Street?

    The past era is over! R* won't look back into the past anymore & that's a good thing since we have a total new game to play with in the new era. However they may include it as an Easter egg or a reference maybe?
  8. amazingdude

    GTA V Is Coming on 17th September, 2013

    well the fans should understand that this isn't Call of duty it's GTA, quality>quantity so it should be easy to understand that they are working very hard to improve the game which would be worth the money. TRUST THE DEVS. CHILL THE HELL OUT. GET YOURSELF A DRINK
  9. amazingdude

    GTA V Is Coming on 17th September, 2013

    I am surprised at the reaction of the fans, its really a messed up situation but would you like rockstar to release the game soon so that you could complain about how shit the bugs in the game are? I think they should take their time and focus on the final stages of V. I think they will release a third trailer to cheer you up, maybe?
  10. amazingdude

    GTA V Artwork From Patrick Brown: The Standoff

    Has anyone noticed the HYDRA flying above? The dog seems to be ready to pounce on someone.
  11. amazingdude

    New GTA V Screenshot & Updated Artworks

    My bet is on guns probably assault rifles and maybe someone they took for a ride?
  12. Which version of the game are you using?
  13. amazingdude

    5 New GTA V Screenshots for the Holidays

    Amazing screens, love that sharks make a return since vice city, JAWS anyone?
  14. amazingdude

    Gun Control in the Real World

    It is obvious in that the country which has all the streets filled with crazy gangs and hoodlums, People nowadays own all kinds of weapons starting from the stun gun to the mighty double barrelled shotgun only for "PERSONAL DEFENCE". Self defence? Really? http://wpgc.cbslocal.com/2011/12/13/shocking-video-man-stands-in-middle-of-busy-street-and-shoots-into-passing-cars-video/ (watch this video)
  15. Well, he didn't post this topic in GTA V "news" section so why bother?
  16. What new would you like to see in gta sa? What should be the storyline? Dont you think they should add something new to the game?
  17. amazingdude

    Problem with hot coffee mod.

    Which version of san andreas are you running?
  18. amazingdude

    New GTA V Screenshot from PCGuru Magazine

    Well, it could be a chevrolet Tahoe police.(it definitely looks larger than the explorer)
  19. amazingdude

    car spawner text please help

    Download another trainer and paste it in the game's directory. try this http://thegtaplace.com/downloads/f648-car-spawn-trainer-v02
  20. amazingdude

    TGTAP's 10th Anniversary

    Happy birthday TGTAP! 10 years and still going, keep 'em coming. where is EVO with that big cake?
  21. amazingdude

    GTA v PC Version

    They will surely release it on pc after they have released it on consoles. They will just delay the pc version a little bit though and it is a healthy move for the company too considering the fact that all previously released GTA titles were sold out more on consoles rather than PCs.
  22. amazingdude

    Windows 8

    When i looked at the preview of 8 my first impression was that it wasn't windows at all. Then again i remembered Bill Gates doing a video after the launch of 7 holding a tab and showing how the next OS would be with a total new interface with the user. I dont think anyone directly switching from XP to 8 would be very comfortable in learning the basics of 8. I would recommend to watch some videos of the operations of the OS before using it. Microsoft released it as just a "hit and trial" product.