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    Kill the person above you

    Which kills me how exactly? *gives Harry a Dragon Skin bulletproof vest and shoots him with AK-47 in chest until he starts bleeding through anus, then injects acid in both of his testicles , finally cuts Harry's throat with a paper knife and leaves him to bleed to death*
  2. QuickDeath

    Kill the person above you

    *Cuts Ed's head off and takes a shit in his neck*
  3. QuickDeath

    Odd problems

    lol i want to see all those things , and yeah messing with FF config files isnt a good idea.
  4. QuickDeath

    Favourite Pokemon?

    Yeah, and once i pooped my pants, but that doesnt mean i want to remember it much less discuss it. So stfu and go to a preschool children forums, and dont forget to take lego and highwire with you.
  5. QuickDeath


    Well ive played Halo:combat evolved on PC for quite some time now, and i have to say that the singleplayer sucks ass. Well it was ok in the start but then all the levels became similar, same textures and stuff, all the hallways were similar and i got confused, didnt know where to go etc. But i think that the singleplayer on XBox is much more better, but still the aspect where halo scores most of the points is multiplayer. The game is suitable for noobs too cause your character has a shield, so you dont get killed instantly like in CS for example if you are new to the game. Another thing, you can use vehicles like tanks, and some interesting flying alien machines, which are very easy to operate, and all this also helps newbies to adapt and eventually get better. And a very fun thing is Warthog, a hummer-like army vehicle with a gun turret on top. Players can cooperate- one steers, one shoots from the big gun, and another passenger can use his own gun, sitting next to the driver. Also you have a big choice of weapons starting with a pistol and ending with a rocket launcher, plus alien weapons. Plus some cool future thingys, like teleporter etc.
  6. QuickDeath

    Today's GTA IV Preview Screenshots and Artwork

    God damn it, im sick of noobs bumping old topics, not just any topics but GTA4 news topics, makes me think theres new info about the game, but turns out that some retard just wants to say ''aww so kewl'' or some bs.
  7. QuickDeath

    Look Alike

    Links are broken, use IMG tags to post pics.
  8. QuickDeath

    Avatar Request

    Where exactly is ''at the end''? You want the text ''k9 crew'' and ''lcf'' put on each image?
  9. QuickDeath

    Avatar Request

    1K ? Kinda short for an animation.
  10. QuickDeath

    The Ugliest Car You've Seen

    Its ugly? You got to be kidding me. It wouldnt be one of the world's top racing cars, and a very popular car overall (watch tokyo drift, play CMR, Carbon or dozen other driving games) if it was ugly .
  11. QuickDeath

    [REQ] GTA 3 Sig

    No need to make more i see.
  12. QuickDeath

    [REQ] GTA 3 Sig

    39 bucks? You got to be kidding me I might give it a try later.
  13. QuickDeath

    GTAStunting.Net Community Video

    DAMMMNNNNNN the MQ is 224MB, well i finally dloaded it but the sound is glitching, other that that the MQ version looks very...HQy , but ill try the LQ version.
  14. QuickDeath

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Real gangsta Silb , oh and , Panopticon, you sure you didnt just take some Kurt Cobain pics and post as yours
  15. If you are in a gang you can participate in a gang war and kill rival gang members. Capiche? And dont post every question you have here, they all are (probably) answered somewhere, just use your brain and look the info up.
  16. QuickDeath

    More GTA IV Details

    I would like to see that happening, its one of the most annoying aspects of GTAs, im sure you all remember CJ's hood where were like 3 types of homies walkin around
  17. QuickDeath

    Yo Loco GFX

    Damn he removed it
  18. QuickDeath

    GTA 4 2nd trailer sig

    Got it, thanks man Yey im 19th in the richest bank member list.
  19. QuickDeath

    SFM Avy

    Just remember to upload it on your own image hosting website.
  20. QuickDeath

    SFM Avy

    Thats gonna cost you 2K. The first one is 1K. edit1: Hey send me my money first Edit2: Thank you, (you do realize that you sent me 2000 right?) pleasure doing business.
  21. QuickDeath

    SFM Avy

    If no one has made it ill give it a try. edit: Exactly like you wanted edit2: A little freestyle , it has , as Silberio would say, Le style
  22. QuickDeath

    SFM Avy

    What do you mean ''like your sig''? Same background or what?
  23. QuickDeath

    [REQ] GTA VC Signature

    Here you go nowgimmethemoney
  24. QuickDeath

    a quick design

    I always wondered how do u make those VM logos , this one is made in the same style so GIMME A TUT
  25. Definitely that ''Video killed radio star'' song and bunch of other songs that i cant remember right now.