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    Do you think there's something wrong with my system?

    Theres nothing too complicated with HijackThis, its made to make things easier for you, so just check for any errors in the log. Looks to me like you have none, and that missing file is nothing to worry about
  2. QuickDeath

    QD's monster PC

    The motherboard, CPU, GPU , RAM, Case and Power Supply all together cost me about 500 pounds (a little less than that), HDD , DVD ROM and accessories remained from my old computer. Display isnt new too, actually im looking forward to buying 22'' widescreen. And heres the 3DMark 06 score, a little less than Chris got :'( edit: Test was done with default 3DMark settings.
  3. QuickDeath

    QD's monster PC

    Case: Just a random case, but looks good Power Supply: FSP 500W OS: Win XP Pro SP2 Motherboard: Gigabyte 6 quad/S-series CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3 GHz (9*333) 4MB cache Ram: 2 GB, 2x1GB HDD: Seagate Barracuda 320 GB SATA 2, 7200 rpm DVD: LG DVD+-RW etc GPU: Nvidia 8800GTS 320 MB Monitor: Hyundai 19'' and some irrelevant stuff. Ill update with 3dmark results, maybe i can beat Chris. Some pics : I love my chair
  4. QuickDeath

    QD's monster PC

    It frequency is as it says above - 3GHz, and i will be able to say more when i get 3DMark06.
  5. QuickDeath

    QD's monster PC

    CPU model: Conroe (E6850) if thats what you mean. GPU manufacturer: Sparcle
  6. QuickDeath

    GTA 4 2nd trailer sig

    Dont worry ill give you a competition Edit: How about this? I can loose the transitions if you like. Edit2: like this:
  7. QuickDeath


    I could fix your av for free
  8. QuickDeath


    lol what a twat Does he really want to marry her? Well I wouldnt be surprised if he did. btw Bossman i liked your previous av better
  9. QuickDeath

    Can You Cook?

    I guess i cook a little, i can make some pancakes and stuff. My biggest cooking achievement is a nice risotto
  10. As we all know EdwardTheGreat was banned not too long ago, but how come he's now among richest bank members with 99K?? btw when he left he had about 1,230 $. And his profile still shows that hes banned.
  11. QuickDeath

    He's banned but...rich?

    Im on MSN with him right now and he says that he has no idea where the money came from.
  12. QuickDeath

    He's banned but...rich?

    Nope no hacking, im absolutely positive about that.
  13. QuickDeath

    Thomas' Graphics Shop

    I love your dazzabar OGTAM you could also add few of these ' ' in it . And why the hell would anyone need a permission to make dazzabars? Its like Dazza is owning definite dimension template or something? F that . And if Dazza gets pissy about someone making dazzabars (and that someone doesnt want him to be that way) just add a pixel in its width or height and its dazzabar no more.
  14. QuickDeath

    The MARVEL(R) Universe

    A real fan eh? Well im waiting with great impatience the Iron Man movie. I remember watching the Iron Man cartoons when i was a kid, they were awesome back then.
  15. QuickDeath

    Do you have a classic?

    Well i downloaded GTA2 a while ago but the installation said i dont have the proper directX but i had. So i did what the help said ie reinstalled both, but still got the same error
  16. QuickDeath

    What social group(s) do you fit into?

    Music Basically rock, metal and hip hop. Sevendust Three days grace Saliva Thornley Godsmack Disturbed 3doors down Crazy Town Masta Ace Eminem 50cent Sido etc. Clothes Jeans jeans jeans (classical ones with some bleach effect) + T shirts or a shirt with collar. Shoes - looks something like this although im not a skater, but they are comfortable. Hobbies Video games, PC stuff, Photoshop, web GFX, volleyball. edit: almost forgot - i have no idea who am i , a part of me is PC geeek, a part is a sport so you decide.
  17. QuickDeath

    [VC] Underrated

    Oh man that was definitely the best VC stund vid ive ever seen, and one of the greatest stunt vids overall. The editing was awesome especially in the beginning. Some stunts were just WHOA!!! like the one that started as a stoppie, continud as a slide on a fence and ended on a boat. stunts 9/10 editing 9/10 music 8/10 well done
  18. QuickDeath

    new trailer for gta sa stories

    I like your laconic approach, and nice vid, the music is right on.
  19. QuickDeath

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    I loled at that Jace btw did you know the the ''revolutionary'' six axis controller system has been around since 1999.?
  20. QuickDeath

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    Ok fine it has been almost 2 years (actually thers still 4 months till that but anyways) since x360 was released, and it has been almost a year since PS3's release, so lets split those 11.6 mil in half - still remains 5.8 mil Vs 3.8. And how exactly do you see x360 not selling much more?
  21. QuickDeath

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    You just pointed out some inaccuracies , keep in mind that these vids are a bit old, the first one was made on nov 17. 2006, second-Feb 24. 2007. We could argue about the different aspects seen in them all day, but i ll tel you one thing -numbers dont lie. PS3 - 3.8 mil units sold worldwide, x360 - 11.6 mil as of July. Do the math.
  22. QuickDeath

    crazy suicidal stunt-gta sa

    YOU try it and then show us a vid.
  23. QuickDeath

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    Few interesting vids that i found pwned!
  24. QuickDeath


    lol nvm
  25. QuickDeath

    Please Help me?

    Oh man you can forget playing SA with this card