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    Biker Mission help?

    You want it to pass it with no cheats? Well anyways heres what i did, I bought as many guns and armor as I can, then i blew up some cars and shot some peds, then i ran behind the biker bar (when you walk out of it turn left and run around the corner.) and theres this nice place, its hard to describe it, but basically you have roof over your head and some cover + if i remember it correctly theres an armor pickup too. The rest is easy.
  2. QuickDeath

    Please Help me?

    Press Start/Run/ type in ''dxdiag'', press enter, if it asks something press enter again. A window will come up, press the Display tab, look what it says where ''Dvice'' is , post here name, DAC type and total memory. Also all DirectX features mentioned under should be enabled.
  3. QuickDeath

    The Principal's Office

    Back in the day when I was in the 6th or 7th grade, cant really remember, i was called to the principals office for the first and the last time in my life. It was about some kinda hooliganism in the newly renovated toilets , well i had nothing to do with that, it turned out that someone just tried to blame me , got straightened it out though.
  4. QuickDeath

    Stunt Quad

    Lol i remember that in my first vid lots of stunts were made with quad, one of the coolest was a backflip + frontflip in one jump i changed the handling.cfg so it was going at the maximum speed.
  5. QuickDeath


    Triads and Aztecas are too far away, I can barely see them, otherwise good job
  6. QuickDeath


    1. Nibbler/Zoidberg/Leela/Zapp Barnnigan 2. ''Hell Is Other Robots'' maybe, but basically i love the first 2 seasons the most, 3d was ok, 4th was only partly ok cause some of the episodes were SOOO sad and enlightening , 5th was ok again. 3. love it
  7. QuickDeath

    Harry Potter

    I dunno yet but i think he will. btw anyone wants the first 10 chapters of Deathly hallows in quality pdf?
  8. QuickDeath

    Flags Re-enabled

    2 more Latvians one with 9 , other with 1 post
  9. QuickDeath

    How to become a mod?

    lol Tec , that was harsh but true. btw i noticed few hours ago that under Sky's avatar was that ''banned'' text. whats up with that?
  10. QuickDeath

    Flags Re-enabled

    Sweet I noticed that some flags are 3D and some are not, well anyways mine is.
  11. QuickDeath

    New Username Suggestions?

    It reminds me of XFire which is a piece of software similar to MSN messenger. Oh well too late
  12. QuickDeath

    i want a sig

    Hows this
  13. QuickDeath

    A new Teaser Site discovered?

    The world ends
  14. I hate when MS pushes people to buy their shit. Damn. That would have to be a damn powerful PC to run GTA4 at full capacity.
  15. QuickDeath

    i want a sig

    I might get to it tomorrow, if you still need it.
  16. QuickDeath

    New GTA IV Details From PLAY Magazine

    Yeah that killing in many ways rocks!!! I always hated it when in SA for example in that mission where CJ have to kill some dude in Madd Doggs crib, there was only one way ie chase that asshole through the house and kill him in a car pursuit. I always tryed to kill him sooner but no matter how many rounds i put in his chest (or head) he didnt die
  17. QuickDeath


    Stunts 4/10 Music 5/10 Editing 7/10 Few hydra stunts were good, if I take in consideration that its your first stunt movie then it would be stunts 8/10 Music 6/10 Editing 8/10 But the music was really bad IMO, not appropriate at all. If I should describe this vid in one word it would be ''boring''. But dont worry my first vid sucked ass even more. I know you have put a lot of work in it, im just being honest with you. As I said watch some collab movies from XSA, GLS etc. to get the idea of a good stunting vid.
  18. QuickDeath

    I need an avatar

    Edited the previous one And heres one new
  19. QuickDeath


    I hate the motherfucking rapidshare and it doesnt allow me to download for free now, so upload your vid on youtube. I doubt its worth to download 170MB anyways considering its your first vid.
  20. QuickDeath

    I need an avatar

    That bad huh? You cant just say that, say why and give me some tips. Well anyways I was quite surprised too when Chrisman asked for new av, cause his current one (made by me ) isnt THAT old.
  21. QuickDeath

    I need an avatar

    And one more
  22. Ahh damn this wont probably happen where I live ie eastern Europe.
  23. QuickDeath

    Ownage Mix

    How stupid can people be? What were those two dumbasses thinking who jumped from the roof imitating that wrestling move, the guy that landed with head down probably smashed his neck vertebra.
  24. QuickDeath


    Well you should read the tuts here in stunting section first and watch some of the greatest stunt movies like THIS one.
  25. QuickDeath

    Rap/ Hip-hop

    Well im studying economics at university, so I guess my job will be something connected to it, but I really would like to be a web designer..or a cop but being a cop here and being a cop in US isnt the same you know. If I was living in US I would probably go for an FBI agent.