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  1. The onlyGTA character I don't like so far is Toni.Just didn't liek that game much.But I would like to see some main characters of GTA in future GTA gamges but not as main character again.Just maybe at the most a few mission for or with him or jsut have him in a cameo.But I used to hate VC until now and right now my fav. guy ironically is Tommy.He's "badass".Period.Though all GTA characters are badass.

    edit:It'd be cool to see Claude in a future GTA and hear him talk to find out what his voice is like.

    Hes mute, he cant talk.

    Ever heard of brain transplants?

  2. I can't beat Kingdom Come, I get up to the part where there's another one of Catalina's death traps.

    Those madmen keep blowing up my car! They keep running for it. It's impossible to pass it. Any hints?

    any useful weapons I could use? Thank you help wil be appeciated. Thanks. :hi:

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