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  1. I got a glitch (PC version)

    On the mission "Four Iron" I got a pistol and I used a secret Entrance, so I can go through without taking all my weapons away. Thats, I parked the Comet next the the cylender, and jump on the Comet then jump over the cylender. Then I get a caddy. At the point where he is, I start shooting at the target. He ignores the bullets, so does his men. Then he dies and he says "Who is this pyscho? Boys, deall with him" but his "boys" don't move. And once I flew over LL (Four Iron Mission) without going to the pink marker and the target isn't there.... I go back to the target, walk into it and come back. Wala! He's there...

  2. Another stunting glitch (kind of) get a trainer that lets you spawn a packer, drive that to the shut gate (Gates Locked) then get a bike (PCJ or Sanchez recommended) and drive up the packer. Tommy will then hit an invisible wall and fall off.

  3. I'd say Sonny


    Gang is huge, but they have pistols.

    Some of them don't have any guns at all

    Diaz's mansion is easy to break through.


    He has a mafia, TEC9S, they still suck, but not as bad as Diaz's gang

    You don't need to defend Lance on this mission.

    Is the 2nd best Mafia in GTA

    No Leones in VC

  4. Sorry if I have made another pointless topic...

    But it IS possible to destroy the plane. This is how I figured it out.

    I was driving around in my Hunter, I wanted to use the rockets, so I wanted to destroy some scenery (Or make it look like I am) so I rapidly shot at the banner plane and it blew up! But then I got a 3 star wanted level. And the Banner took a while to drop. The explosion was entertainment! Has anyone else done this?

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