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  1. Abe harami...

    me offline huu to meko kaise pata chalega ki aab aana hai...pehle se bolna chahiye na..

    JEW ka kya..?chahiye..pura album..? [:o]

  2. Abe maar gaya kya..?

    laga li Siggy...ab kush naa.. :D

  3. Ahh!

    Nothing.Just missed the war.

    And that too twice.

  4. Arent you in LCF? ^_^

    Hehe..Hello btw.. :P

  5. bhag re... jhuti..

    and nah... abhi adhe GHANTE pehle aaya wapis... exam hai na 25th se...

  6. Did you get ur VC working.if not? see my reply to your topic it might work.


  7. Dost... Dost.. na raha...

    dost hi to na rahaa... :(

    Bhabhi ma saman hoti hai..aur tuu use bhul gaya... :|

  8. gadheda...kutra...vandra...

    nai milna tha to naa boldeta...kamine... ja mai tere se baat nai karti...karta... w/e :|

  9. GF-Tec 9 knows how to kill a guy with a dildo!!

    OMG! :P

  10. Ha hA.


    open another account then!!

  11. Hey baby..

    sorry for delaying your siggy..but had few coll. projects...

    making one till tonight....

    Muaah :|

    <3 :P

  12. Hey sweetheart..

    chalti kya???

    n wtf?? vvvvvvvvv

  13. Hey!

    Sorry!Dont check my Comments more often :P

  14. Hey!I need you MSN add.PM me

    Or add

    [email protected]

  15. HEy....

    Sorry for late reply :D

    I was gone for long too.. :P

  16. Hey~

    Am probably coming there on 3rd...

    Will see if i have free time..

  17. Hi Noru!


  18. Hi Tommy.


  19. hm..ok..

    let me know exactly then.. :P

  20. Hola.

    How were exams..?

    You use Yahoo?MSN??

  21. I never said we were enemies.

    I take mine back too. :P

  22. NO

    You didnt tellme how to do that... <3

    Its my find :P