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  1. (o.O) very big username :|

  2. 2nd and 6th dates ma kab aap sahib free ho batau... i wanna make plans b4 i leave..wo cousin 12th de raha hai..so no net,cable and shit where i am gonna stay...

  3. aah..nice manner...works perfectly if you want to end things in epic failure.. :)

  4. aaj raat ko... 3:40 ko train hai .. :(

  5. Abe India me kidhar se hai?

  6. abe reply kar na...yahoo pe aa...m waiting..

  7. abe tera number dena.... :|

  8. abe Yahoo be kyu nai hota re...yaha pe online...mere jaise..yahoo pe kisi ke sath papad bele hai kya..? aa na bore ho raha huu

  9. abhi 2nd se 6th may ke bich me kab free hai tuu?

  10. And stupo you reply in my Comment Box not your own..

  11. aur yahoo/msn pe aa re...

  12. aur ye tox ka answer meko bhi de.. :P

  13. btw...wo mirror wala msg ekdum ghatia tha.. :|

  14. Cool...Delhi is gonna be too cold( for us :P) in December. But still..have fun and as i said...if you have plans in Western Side.. do tell me :D

  15. Coz the girl in it is more AWESOME :P

  16. Dec. is here already :D

  17. Do ya use Gtalk...?

  18. Do you Hindi BTW??

  19. Dont have Yahoo right now... :(

  20. gadheda...gai kale khava gayo hato...pachi pacho kem nahi aayo tuu?? :|

  21. good... call karkunga on the d-day, ke kaha milna hai..to aa payega na??

  22. haha.. saale puch raha hai ki bata raha hai? Ques. mark kaiko lagaya?

  23. Hai..GTAS is down since few days or what? i cant access it.