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  1. Hes gonna die of uber mental pressure and tension he gets whenever i rape him :|

  2. Ohh shit.I dont know if i should be telling you this..but you are looking extremely charming in this new Profile Pic.

    Sex tonight?? Plij

  3. Hey sweetheart..

    chalti kya???

    n wtf?? vvvvvvvvv

  4. NO

    You didnt tellme how to do that... <3

    Its my find :P

  5. Now, Now.. Sweety...

    Dont care what that mean laddie says down here... vvvvvvvvvvvvv

  6. Thankz for the Addey.. ;)

    so.. sup? :D

  7. There is no way you can be inside Private forums now....I have killed Noru and Ciaran is inside the dungeons.

    Yay! I am taking over :)

  8. Arent you in LCF? ^_^

    Hehe..Hello btw.. :P

  9. Coz the girl in it is more AWESOME :P

  10. Thanks buddy!

  11. Wht abt that card... :X

    Ab kya...? Bday aa gai.. :((

  12. Abe maar gaya kya..?

    laga li Siggy...ab kush naa.. :D

  13. Abe harami...

    me offline huu to meko kaise pata chalega ki aab aana hai...pehle se bolna chahiye na..

    JEW ka kya..?chahiye..pura album..? [:o]

  14. Do ya use Gtalk...?

  15. Dont have Yahoo right now... :(

  16. Hey~

    Am probably coming there on 3rd...

    Will see if i have free time..

  17. Nah.Not Punjabi. :)

  18. :x You added it now~~

  19. You havent given any ID..?

  20. Hola.

    How were exams..?

    You use Yahoo?MSN??

  21. Yo~

    Were you trying to send me a pic?

  22. Yo~ Buddy.

    Whats your MSN?

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