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  1. I'm back :D

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    2. Dmac


      Cheers mate ;)

    3. Miles Pedro Prower
    4. Samil


      Everyone is back once they heard of GTA V and saw the trailer. xD Hell yes.

  2. First time I've contributed to these forums in like, years. Anyway, 4:16am, sleep time kgo :D

    1. Nate10


      Keep on contrib00tin'!

    2. Dmac


      Just saw your comment xD

  3. Got a mic? Any USB headset should work. Trying to play GTAIV online with no communication is hell. I also got CODMW 1, LBP and a few other good online games. More of a PC gamer though.

  4. Dmac

    I guessed it! Just added the /v4/ after i read about v4 coming soon!

  5. Dmac

    I discovered v4 XD /v4/ xD Looks good ;o

  6. Haha! I'm good thanks mate! How about you?

  7. Hey sexy. Lets make sweet love on my Oven.

  8. LOL xD Nice sig man.

  9. I get stoned easy, about 2 normal cones so that thing would leave me half dead XD

  10. Hahahahaha xD

  11. Yeah thats it! Kath and Kim is filmed at Fountain Gate, My local shopping center ;D

  12. ;O Nice. I live in Narre if you've heard of it.

  13. Melbourne ;P You live in Victoria to?

  14. Nothing much mate, Yourself? ;P

  15. Dmac

    Might hold a Oven party, You know how women have those parties where they sell blankets and plastic containers? Yeah, One of them!

  16. Dmac

    Great to hear. Bought 26 of the fantasic Ovens myself!

  17. I saw the worlds biggest cone piece on your Myspace. I must steal it!

  18. Dmac

    I heard Mr T contacted you about a Oven.

  19. Dmac

    I'm good thanks ;D

  20. Dmac

    Baaa (Sheep noise!)

    Haha, It's okay. Theres a lot you can tease about Aus too ;D

    How you been?

  21. ;O

    I made that years ago! Great to see it's still being used ;)

  22. Another female?

    Turning less and less a sausage fest here. Yay.

  23. ;O

    You're from Canada! I've always wanted to go to Canada!

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