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  1. I suppose I can live with it. :P

  2. Well, you'd think so, but no. I've heard of the game though. Don't recall where the inspiration came from for this name. I registered it years ago on GTAForums (in 2002). Dates back a bit lol. So what's news anyways?

  3. Haha, Cheers mate. Appreciate it. Fuck all is new. Just about to hit the hay. Ah, Thursday tomorrow. One day closer to the weekend. Ahhh.

  4. I did? I've had this avatar for a while. I had stolen it, but not from you. :P

  5. Haha, thanks mate. It's not my handy work though. I can't remember where I picked it up from, but it always gives me a laugh. ;)

  6. You just missed out of the awesome feeling of being a Virgo, ;)

  7. G'day TM. Erf here. Can I hit you up on MSN? Shout back. :)

  8. Dunno if you're still around mate, but if you are, get the fuck back to TGTAP and give me some company! Earthbound misses thee!

  9. joe_the_great_is@hotmail.

    com - :)

  10. Yeah, just starting getting back into graphic design again. Picking it up pretty quickly Might post some later. Hit me up on MSN if you want mate. :)

  11. BOO! ....... I totally scared you.

  12. Thanks mate! I can't remember how long I've been using that one now haha. Made it years ago.

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