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    I think Microsoft is wanting me to jump ship with how derivative they're being. From introducing a slim model and aping the Wii's games for their unimpressive Kinect accessory, I think they've hit a slump. Come on, Twisted Metal and Little Big Planet 2 look pretty damn inviting from where I'm standing as a (former?) Xbox fanboy.
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    I officially want a 3DS after seeing its lineup of games. That Kid Icarus game looks sweet, but a remake of Star Fox 64? And a version of Saints Row? Fuck yes.
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    Or anyone who's been on Saints Row with him.
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    Yes. His name really is Abeer. Even though he's a white kid from North Carolina. Eh, screw it; what the fuck are you gonna do if he is using "ambushing words"? He's an admin.
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    I'm Not Afraid.

    I'm so glad this album comes out on my birthday.
  6. Kitsune Inferno

    What are you listening to right now?

    "Blackbirds" - Linkin Park I'm in love infatuated with this song.
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    Post your mugshots v3!

    Finally got two pics I took on a friend's notebook during Government/Economics/World of Warcraft Discussion. This one I dub "Sepia Douche": And this one "Douche Trying Too Hard":
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    Polish President Dies in Plane Crash

    Link. Wow, just... wow. My only question is why the hell the pilot thought it was a good idea to try landing in the fog after being told to land somewhere safer.
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    Things You Hated About GTA: IV, & EFLC

    I don't like the name change. I mean, I love that they kept the car customization, base-jumping, star-studded cast, insane side missions and added a crotch-punching co-op mode, but I don't get the name change to Saints Row 2.
  10. Kitsune Inferno

    April Fools: Like what we've done with the place?

    I thought the point of a good joke was to not explain it.
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    What are you currently playing?

    Kicked off the weekend with my new copy of HeartGold and haven't really put it down.
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    Sonys motion controller named

    That may be true, but recall that I never called videogames "just" toys, as though the words "toys" and "art" were mutually exclusive. They're obviously not. A masterfully designed action figure can truly be a work of art, but that doesn't change the fact it's still a toy. It was meant to be played with, that is unless you're a douchebag who's so ashamed of his hobby that you constantly insist it's a "collectible". I'm not a pretentious snob who believes anything that's popular and coherent isn't art. I'm just stating a fact. Videogames were meant to be played with, therefore they are toys. That's how they started out and that's what they should still strive to be. A plaything for my enjoyment. That doesn't mean they aren't brilliant masterpieces. But don't forget what games are and don't forget their purpose. That's why I frickin' hate the Move. It has just dawned on me that this is nothing more than a corporate exercise to placate the Wii's detractors, mainly the idiots who think the Wii is nothing more than two Gamecubes duct taped together. All it's offering to the table is HD. HD contributes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to gaming. It's just to please the more "diehard" fans who have forgotten what gaming is supposed to be about. The dumbass graphics whores who'll masturbate over bloom effects and other technical bullshit like that. The same motherfuckers who'll eat this shit up after spending the last four years making fun of the Wii. I'm adamant that this thing will fail hard. It just won't have the spirit and creativity Nintendo presents all the time. It's nothing more than a shameless ripoff. Same thing with Natal.
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    Sonys motion controller named

    I didn't say that sales figures were the maximum authority on quality, but they are pretty damn indicative. There have been a mind-boggling amount of DS's sold and honestly, what's more fun to play: a DS or a PSP? The core audience probably should be the people playing casual games, because that's the only way to really introduce new people to gaming. If you take a newbie and shove him into Modern Warfare or practically any other popular and M-Rated game, he is going to be turned off by the less than intuitive controls (just because a controller has in excess of ten buttons doesn't mean they should all be used, let alone have multiple functions on top of that), grim-darkness (name a multi-platform game that has a color palette consisting of more than brown and gray besides Mirror's Edge or a setting that doesn't take refuge in unironic and tasteless "mature" content), and a triple-cannoned assault of racism, sexism, and homophobia (play an online game for five minutes). I'm not saying the industry should castrate everything. But these "hardcore" gamers are coming of the age where real life will intrude on their gaming habits. When you have to choose between your kid's diapers and this shiny dildo, what are you going to buy? Remember that newbie? Now imagine he's a child just looking for some fun. I see what would have been a potential gamer turned off forever. And without a continually replenishing audience... Remember The Watchmen and The Dark Night Returns? Remember how every comic in the nineties copied the gratuitous violence, sexuality, and vulgarity of those two masterpieces without any of the intelligent writing or context? Remember how the comic book industry stagnated and DIED? Why? Because of pandering solely to "hardcore" fans. Fine, I like how the videogame industry has garnered a lot of respect for all of the advancements in technology, art, and writing. But videogames are fucking toys. Expensive toys, but toys nonetheless. I'm just wondering why the major players are scared of admitting that their products are playthings. This whole "home entertainment" deal to me stinks of overcompensation of that fact. Note: Outside of punk and rap, I hate the word "hardcore" so much. Also, have I mentioned I've been disillusioned to the current state of gaming due to the fanbase's asshattery towards...well, damn near everything?
  14. Kitsune Inferno

    Sonys motion controller named

    A novelty toy? Yeah, let's ignore the fact that the Wii has outsold the Xbox 360 and PS3 COMBINED by a wide margin. Let's ignore the fact that despite all of the shovelware on the system, the games on the Wii still look and feel like GAMES, not "dark and gritty" war fantasies the majority of "real" gamers masturbate to. And let's ignore the fact that videogames are first and foremost TOYS. Yes, I have been watching a lot of the Game Overthinker lately.
  15. Kitsune Inferno

    Something interesting

    'Kay, if a discussion is what you want, a discussion you shall have! Uh... it's just some guy who stumbled upon Rockstar's HQ and discovered nothing important, assuming he's even telling the truth.
  16. Kitsune Inferno

    Something interesting

    No, it doesn't look like a new user advertising shit, it is a new user advertising shit.
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    2009 Forum Award Winners

    Husky, you can solve that problem pretty easily. Just go to the kitchen, find a knife...
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    Sonys motion controller named

    What. The. Fuck. Is. That. THING? If you're going to rip off the competition, at least don't make it so blatant. Granted, most times Sony plagiarizes Nintendo, it becomes an industry standard. Usually by doubling it. (Yay, two analog sticks!) However, I'm still hoping this goofy looking phallus tanks hard. Not because I hate the PS3 or Sony, it's just that plagiarism should never be rewarded.
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    Ban this bot

    No report button? Yeah, I dunno about you, but I can certainly report posts, such as that bot you linked to.
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    Official Playstation Discussion

    ^ Agreed with Ivan, and I don't even have a PS3 or have played the game. But the story seems very interesting and I'm intrigued by the videos I've watched.
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    Figure it out

    I would like to take a crack at it. I may be wrong, but here's my guess: Yeah, I know this wasn't funny. I don't care.
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    Joining the bandwagon:
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    I'm leaving for a bit

    I personally think Raybob should have been IP banned a long time ago and had his computer smashed over something very hard (y'know, like his head) to make sure, but that's just me. Look, he makes a general ass out of himself, insults the staff, abuses every chance he gets, and now he makes this asinine topic declaring he's leaving. But that's not it! After ONE person says he's not that bad a person, he then decides to stay! Not only that, he then adds the addendum that he'll stay if he's taken out of the Restricted group, as if we owe him something. This topic only shows how conceited Raybob is. He's nothing more than prepubescent attention whore who thinks he's entitled to do whatever he wants because he still believes the First Amendment will protect him, despite the fact that this is a privately owned website being operated by some sexy beasts in the UK.
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    Valentines Day

    Yet another Valentine's Day I'm spending alone. *Linkin Park's "Valentine's Day" starts playing* Dammit.
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    Husky, it's posts like those that give people the Restricted rank. If you're gonna be a sycophant, at least don't make that the entirety of the message. EDIT: Thank you for considering my advice and revising your post.