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    Illegal Immigrants

    I'm Filipino, dipshit! Still, since this country was founded on immigration, I have no problem with the flood of new immigrants. I don't care because I don't plan on making a career out of manual labor. It doesn't affect me or my future. Since he so proudly pointed out the fact that Obama nominated a Hispanic person for some un-fucking-specified position, I'm going to go ahead and assume that didisaythat is a racist troll. Most A lot of the opponents of illegal immigration are might be worried about not being able to afford their McMansions and new Kias while other people in the world are lucky to have a shack and a bicycle. Yeah, it's that "starving kids in Africa" argument we all hate to hear, but it's true. Hey, you like your station in life? You like being employed? Then stop bitching about things that have been in motion for the past 150 fucking years and learn to adapt. So what, you can't go on vacation this year. Sure as hell beats the embarrassment of the unemployment line. EDIT: Changed a few terms as to not generalize.
  2. Kitsune Inferno

    Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott

    My opinion on this boycott...why the fuck are people bitching about a sequel they haven't played yet? God, this would be like people trying to boycott Vice City for the same reasons.
  3. Kitsune Inferno

    Songs You Hate

    I thought "glam" (I shudder at the thought of calling that crap metal) and "badass" were mutually exclusive terms. Teen/tween pop. Now, I can enjoy a good pop song as much as the next person, but anything marketed towards anyone younger than me is marketed towards millions of easily-distracted, self-important dipshits who don't recognize and appreciate true talent.
  4. Kitsune Inferno


    Aw, thanks for the compliment! You can throw in the second one, too. That was released on the Playstation almost a week before the PC version.
  5. Kitsune Inferno


    Little nitpick, Grand Theft Auto was originally a PC game that was ported to the Playstation a few months later.
  6. Kitsune Inferno

    Favorite Thing to do With SA

    Holy shit, this was a hell of a bump! I think this one of my first topics! Anyway, another thing I loved to do in San Andreas was hone my driving skills by driving like a crazy bastard, which is hard to do with a keyboard and a shitty graphics card.
  7. Kitsune Inferno

    Lacuna Coil's new album.

    I like "Spellbound" and "Underdog" myself.
  8. Kitsune Inferno


    What the hell happened to L.A. Noire?
  9. Kitsune Inferno

    E3 2009

    Nintendo's conference sucked. Although it was a surprise to see Team Ninja working on the new Metroid game.
  10. Kitsune Inferno

    E3 2009

    I just thought that maybe you weren't aware that it was never an exclusive. "Exclusive Playstation Franchise" is almost synonymous with "Primarily a Playstation Franchise". I'd think other people would recognize that. Ending this, I'm liking how Splinter Cell: Conviction is turning out. I'm like the immersion factor and the fast-paced gameplay.
  11. Kitsune Inferno

    E3 2009

    Let's just go ahead and admit that the first MGS game was also remade for the Gamecube, in addition to the original Metal Gear games for the NES and the MSX. Besides, so was Final Fantasy. Did that stop a shitload of fanboys crying foul when FFXIII was announced for the 360? Just so you know, MGS never was a Sony exclusive. Remember MGS2? Also apparently Sony is going to get their own MGS exclusive aswell, something to do with Big Boss because 360 is getting Raiden. Read that from comments on a PS3 forum. Yes, I remember Substance. What I meant was that MGS was primarily a Playstation franchise. Why must I constantly explain myself? I'm just saying that Sony didn't lose an exclusive as it never was one from the beginning. Of course it wasn't. But do you think diehard fans who are too young to remember the MSX would know that? Probably not. Besides, that original comment was partially made in jest. Do you have to take EVERY slight against Sony so seriously? Anyway, I'm loving the new sandbox games that have been revealed so far. I didn't know Crackdown was getting a sequel, but hell yeah! APB and Saboteur look cool, too.
  12. Kitsune Inferno

    Eminem sexually assaulted!

    I personally thought it was funny as hell until Em stormed off. Then again, it's MTV and they have a history of pissing him off. Remember Triumph?
  13. Kitsune Inferno

    E3 2009

    Just so you know, MGS never was a Sony exclusive. Remember MGS2? Also apparently Sony is going to get their own MGS exclusive aswell, something to do with Big Boss because 360 is getting Raiden. Read that from comments on a PS3 forum. Yes, I remember Substance. What I meant was that MGS was primarily a Playstation franchise. Why must I constantly explain myself?
  14. Kitsune Inferno

    E3 2009

    I just saw the Project Natal thing for the 360 and I have to say I'm impressed. That demonstration with Milo makes me think of the possibilities that could be achieved with it. Adventure games could make a HUGE comeback. Oh, and Metal Gear Solid Rising on Xbox. Just thought I'd throw in as another Sony exclusive lost.
  15. Kitsune Inferno

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    Yes, that made you look all the more intelligent. [/sarcasm] Because you have a very limited grasp on what it is.
  16. Kitsune Inferno

    The Sims 3

    I don't see any dramatic graphical improvements, partly because EA decided to make things a little cartoony, perhaps? But at least nobody cares; R* developed and published GTASA with graphics that HL2 can pwn, but at least the former did sell well because of its gameplay. And you tried your hand at the leaked version (the Reloaded or Razor1911 release, perhaps? ) EA says it's buggy, so maybe waiting a few days will do. I don't know, I forgot which version I downloaded. Like I said, it won't even play unless I get a non-suck graphics card.
  17. Kitsune Inferno

    The Sims 3

    So, the only reason you think the game sucks is because the graphics are shit? Okay, because that totally matters in a life simulation game whose fanbase who concerns itself with making custom content and/or playing the game, right?
  18. Kitsune Inferno

    The Sims 3

    I'm in the same boat. It turns out the game won't even start on a PC without a decent enough graphics card. At least I only have $20 worth of upgrades I need to buy.
  19. No, I'm not. In addition to King of the Hill, Mike Judge has come up with Beavis and Butthead, Idiocracy, and Office Space. What does Seth MacFarlane have? One show that jumped the shark years ago when its creator realized that irrelevant cutaway gags are easier to make than twenty minutes of a coherent plot and another show whose premise only works for a fifteen-minute special. Granted, I happen to like Family Guy, but it can't hold a torch to anything Mike Judge has had a hand in creating.
  20. I would like to add that anything Mike Judge has done is infinitely better than anything Seth MacFarlane can hope to come up with.
  21. Kitsune Inferno

    A little forum housekeeping

    If you're gonna necro-post, the least you could do is post something worthwhile. EDIT: By the way, your PMs only serve to asseverate your cretinism. Though I should probably start speaking on your level. In your terms, "yous a idiot!"
  22. Kitsune Inferno

    E3 2009

    Oh, so it's already out. In that case, maybe I'll just check if E3 is getting some new Tekken 6: BR info.
  23. Kitsune Inferno

    E3 2009

    Let me thank you for proving my point. You're not even going to listen to what I have to say because everyone else has turned on you. You don't want to deal with making the mistake of calling me a fanboy, even though you're a more blatant example than any of us are. You don't want to accept the fact you derailed your own topic by interrupting what was a civilized discussion. You can block me and ignore every single one of my posts. Fine. I don't care. But that doesn't mean you won't see this reply. You've shown the entire forum your pusillanimity. You've proven you have no place in this discussion. You might as well ignore everyone else because Nate, Connor, and even Ivan agree that you're a waste of cyberspace. So please, piss off. On the upside, I'm kinda liking how inFamous looks. Now if only the main character had pyrokinesis. That would be awesome.
  24. Kitsune Inferno

    The Sims 3

    I might have to get a new video card, but I'll try Spider-Vice's method to see if I should.
  25. Kitsune Inferno

    Second DLC: The Ballad of Gay Tony announced

    ^ What the hell is up with you? Anyway, since Luiz seems to be smaller than both Niko and Johnny, maybe he won't move like a drunk Decepticon anymore.