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  1. Raybob, you owe me big for what I'm about to do.

    Raybob is saying you can't justify screwing around because your peers are doing it. As the saying goes, "If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you do it?" There's no cliff-jumping or robbery, but the message is the same. Don't take things so literal and don't follow the herd, especially if they're a bunch of fuck-ups with no real goals in life. It doesn't matter what school you go to. Retards are everywhere. I go to a small school that, while not having a gang problem, is overrun with wiggers and rednecks that do nothing but cause trouble. The only reason I got in a fight was because of some dumbass redneck who kept fucking with me until I had enough and punched him in the face.

  2. Aside from sitting at the wrong table and talking in the hallway, those were deserved. If you don't want to get in trouble, don't fuck around, especially if your school has some pretty harsh sentences. Just because everyone else dicks around doesn't give you an excuse to. And since you seem to get caught a lot, I'd think you'd stop it.

    There wasn't even anything I did wrong, EVERYONE was playin' around in class. My Language Arts teacher has friggin camera's in his classroom wtf? I wasn't the only one goofing off in class. Every kid in my class was horse playing, running around etc. I dont know how he suspended me. Well the Administrators of the school just gave the damn Behavior Form to the guy who is head of the school board. So there's two fucking choices. Send me to another school , or suspend me for 10 days... WITH THEM KNOWING that there is a benchmark testing going on. (That school is filled with a few Crips and Blood gang members) This is what they do in every other country in the world... the reason the U.S. is always labeled as having 'bad schools' is because we include every child in our statistics, while other countries only include their 'good' students... what you are talking about is just the natural path that some schools feel they must take because of "No Child Left Behind" which punishes good schools with low scores... this is ironic because the American system has always been one of including all children, and it seems that now schools are choosing to leave children behind so they are not punished by "No Child Left Behind".

    Bull-fucking-shit. Foreign countries don't hide their screw-ups, there are just less of them because they know how to teach their students to be respectful young adults, not whiny kids who love to blame others for their problems. Grow up and take your punishment like an adult. Christ, I got suspended for three days for defending myself because of the zero tolerance policy. You didn't see me bitch half as much you're doing right now.

  3. Kevin Rudolf Ft. Lil Wayne - Let It Rock

    IMO, Lil Wayne just ruins this song, still awesome though.

    I've heard one reviewer recommend that song to anyone who liked Collision Course by Jay-Z and Linkin Park. As "Numb/Encore" was my gateway to both rock and rap, lemme tell you that reviewer was wrong.

    I'm Free - Tribal Ink

  4. Ungodly flame wars are fun as Hell to watch, so long as your are not participating in it. Reminds me of the time on one forum where fanboys of Joel and fanboys of Mike went to war with each other as to who was the best host of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    Morons who think that just because an anime has a pantyshot or two, mature situations, and/or light nudity that it automatically makes it Hentai. People, Ecchi is not even remotely close to Hentai.

    Hell, that reminds me of the Canadian dipshit infamous for his 9/11 conspiracy theories. He made a few uninformed rants about anime, saying how it for nitwits who latch onto anything Japanese and perverts. He failed to mention that he practically stole his 9/11 theories from an anime film. Conspiracy to destroy two towers? Countdown to Heaven beat you and everybody else to the punch, bitch.

  5. Gaia Online and the fact that you can, in Youtube, type "x linkin park" where x is any game, including ones I like. :(

    x2. Just because I love the band doesn't mean I have to like the other fans or their bullshit AMVs. Which sort of segues into why I hate the internet....

    ....Fanbases. Particularly, the fanbases that wage ungodly flame wars. Remember when Jason Griffith replaced Ryan Drummond? Goddamn, I wasn't even part of it and I still heard no end to the cries of lifeless losers crying "Jason Griffith ruined Sonic forever!" or "Sonic 2006 would have been much better if they had the original voice actors!". Anyone who said different had the entire fanbase on their ass like a bunch of piranhas. And lets not get started on Narutards or Twilight fangirls.

  6. Jimmy Hendrix was another great guitarist. It pisses me off every time they say he died from a drug overdose. The truth is the paramedics arrived and strapped him face up on the stretcher. He vomited in the back of the ambulance and choked to death on his own vomit. The paramedics killed him but they saved the hospital from embarrassment by saying drug overdose. If you ever have a friend who is stoned or drunk fall asleep make sure they are face down you could save their life.

    RIP Jimmy

    Wonderful, you're telling us to kill our addicted friends. On their side.

  7. Do they really need a document to tell them that they're partners? Any kind of point for gays getting married is starting to slip away in my mind.

    That document grants couples certain privileges, such as the ability to adopt.

  8. ^ Of course! I love my fellow man!

    < Is lying his ass off.

    V Agrees with me that entire human race should be slaughtered by a demonic 30-foot Pikachu with Syther arms and Pichu heads growing out of random places.

  9. I once pissed myself watching my older brother play Silent Hill 2.

    Haha, I sure hope you were speaking hypothetically.

    I played a game called 'Blood' when I was about 10. A few pixelated zombies coming at you will certainly scare you at age 10.. At least it did to me anyway. :P

    I wish.

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