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  1. Currently living in Stillwater, via Saint's Row 2. I'm rebuilding my co-op save after it got overwrote.

    Lost over $3mil, all my co-op progress (nearly half) 110+ hours of gaming, 85 cars including ALL chopshop cars,

    all save houses, a penis..... :pissedred:

    Hit & miss finding people wanting to play who haven't saved w/ cheats (disables achievements on X360). I just don't

    have the heart to ask L-RiC to help babysit dumb Donnie again.

    Yes, never ask me to do that mission again....it won't be pretty. And anyway, due to my brother's incompetence in understanding why I don't like him borrowing my games, I can't play SR2 until he gets it back from his friend's house. Luckily, I have MTA to hold me over.

  2. British People Blatantly make fun of American FootBall just because it is nothing like Rubby. I got banned from a website for some 12 year old called the Redskins the fagskins. I have to say this FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKING FACE.

    Lemme just say as a fellow American that American football is rugby for pussies. :P

  3. 3,000 posts - exactly half of TM on the same day! Without any spamming (not that you ever spam these days)

    Also it appears you've been here almost exactly half the amount of time as me. I've been here 4.5 years, and you 2.5...

    2.5 x 2 = 5.......

    Aww... I missed my 9,000th.... However.... That's because I didn't realize I had 9,000 posts. Wow.

    Hey, just because he invented the English language doesn't mean he knows jack about math.

  4. However, I'm loving the blurring of lines. Look at it this way, all these "new genres" pretty much means genres are mixing and sounds are blending. I'm loving where the rock-rap hybrids are going((I KNOW you'll agree with me there)). I personally FUCKING LOVE the Flobots... I also like Fort Minor.

    I just use genres to describe sound.

    Agreed. However, I FUCKING LOVE Fort Minor...and like the Flobots. Just a little bit.

    What I mean by genres is that they get too divided, people just start making up shit.... Like this guy as school calling RATM nu metal. Music is not an equation, metal + rap doesnt obligatory equal Nu Metal.

    That guy is a moron. RATM were NEVER nu metal. Rap and funk metal, sure. But never nu metal.

  5. Genres, or more specifically subgenres, shoehorn people into conforming to strict formulas and the like. Besides, they've brought nothing but endless bands that label their music whatever the fuck they like because the singer has a different pitch or the drummer has a hip-hop style of drumming. Not to mention every single argument concerning certain bands and whether they're metal or not. Who fucking cares? If I hear guitars and drums and it's palatable, I'm calling it rock. I don't give a fuck if they're funk, metal, acoustic, emo, grindcore, sludge, industrial, or any other fucking useless-ass (sub)genres you wanna name.

  6. Why should paramore end?

    Well, their music is pretty annoying and not interesting at all. They're just one more emo band...

    I wish some emo band made some REAL fucking depressing music. Not this shit idiots cut their wrists to.

    Huh, they don't seem emo to me.

    That's the problem with "emo" bands. Anyone with a rock band and a voice that sounds the slightest bit pop-ish immediately gets classified as emo and none of the actual emo bands want anything to do the the genre, sorta like nu metal bands. It's just more accurate to say post-hardcore is the real emo music and the stuff that gets classified as emo today is pop punk.

  7. Agree with it except for DF and LP.
    Sooner or later.

    Are they still gunna be rapping about rapin' bitches and poppin' caps in there 80's?

    .... By your definition ALL bands are destined to fall apart. DUH?

    By your definition ALL bands are rapping about "rapin' bitches and poppin' caps." Umm... Duh...

    I wouldn't want Dragonforce to die if they make a song that sounded different from all of there other songs.

    Same with Linkin Park.

    Minutes to Midnight. They've altered their sound so much that half of the fanbase is still bitching about it a year and a half later.

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