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  1. Wow, nine year olds don't pay attention when they play.

    Miguel was part of the trio that robbed the Liberty City Bank.

    Claude, Catalina, and Miguel

    Hilary didn't do anything but drive in with a Taxi and get gunned down in 3 seconds by SWAT. USELESS.

    Tommy, Phil, and that lockpicker. 3 or 2, depending if you let the lockpicker live or die.

    Claude wasn't really involved in that bombing of that bridge in the intro. HE WAS A DAMN SPECTATOR. Took advantage of the situation and escaped with 8-Ball. PURE COINCIDENCE.

    Get your facts straight, n00b. Have you EVER played a GTA game? Because it sounds like you haven't.

    And comparing my age/typing skill with yours is illrelevent to this discussion. You type like a n00b and I take keyboarding in HIGH SCHOOL.

  2. Especially since I started the damn topic.

    More people that should die:

    Cowboy dressed in black

    Hispanic chick in baby blue jumpsuit

    Will Smith look-alike in yellow/black shirt

    OG Loc

    Helena Wankstein



    Balla 1

    Balla 2

    Balla 3

    Balla 2's sister

    Balla 2's mother

  3. Claude betrayed more then 10 ppl you newb

    The rest only one, except for Toni...

    Who are YOU calling a newb?

    On topic: Although he's dead, Lance should die a more horrible death. He should have been blown up, thrown off a building, and run over by a Yankee multiple times.

  4. People who hate Claude


    Your gonna PLAY as Claude not KILL him.

    Gta1,2 and 3 you played as Claude

    GTA 4 Highely you play as Claude.

    To be fair I hated

    Tommy Vercetti:Top of my hitlist

    Claude is almost 100% like Tommy

    only differences

    -Claude is American

    -Claude can't talk, only make pain noises

    -Claude did a more highly ranked crime

    -Claude knows how to f**king drive!

    -Claude betrays someone sooner or later

    Just a few more things.

    What more highly more ranked crime? Woo, blowing up a Dodo, Maverick, and robbing a bank. Tommy did all those, and guess what? Tommy didn't get shot in his heist.

    As for knowing how to drive, what the hell are you talking about? Tommy did know how to drive.

    EVERY main character betrays someone sooner or later.

    Tommy Vercetti < Ricardo Diaz

    Carl Johnson < Frank Tenpenny

    EDIT: And don't call me a twat.

  5. All I could afford was the following:

    Premium Xbox 360 ~ $400

    Dead or Alive 4 ~ $60

    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter ~ $60

    Madcatz Fan Stand ~ $15

    Extra Wired Controller ~ $30

    Project Gotham Racing 3 ~ $50

    Full Auto ~ $40

    Faceplate ~ $10

    Quick Recharge Kit ~ $30

    Backwards Compatablity Disc: June 2006 ~ $2

    Dead Rising ~ $60

    Grand Total ~ $657 without tax

    I hate being poor.

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