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  1. Like everyone just thinks becasue they have a higher postcout and been here longer than others means they are always right and treat others like shit and seem to mistake the internet with life.

    For example, you joined a day before me and I have twice as many posts as you do.

  2. Near the end some Ballas in the Green Sabre do a drive by and shoot at CJ's house. You never actually see CJ's mom but Sweet rushes in there screaming mom (and stops Kendl from going in and she's creaming noo and some other stuff I can't remember) and some stuff like that. And then he calls CJ and this is also heard in the opening cutscene of SA and says: CJ, it's moms, she's dead. Or something like that. How could you miss it?

    I know this is off topic but how old is CJ?

    CJ's probably in his late twenties.

    On topic:

    Sweet: Carl, it's Sweet.

    Carl: Sup, Sweet! What you want?

    Sweet: It's moms, bro. She's dead.

    That plays at the end of the Introduction and the beginning of SA, I'm 100% sure of it.

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