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  1. Yeah, Highwire is a twat, isn't he?

  2. Happy birthday, man!

  3. UR penor is teeny.

  4. Ah, your kid has an excellent taste in cars. Honda NSX.

  5. I'm flying to England just to steal your PC, Chris. It owns mine. Completely.

  6. Seriously. Kids are not going to remember 493 Pokemon. 386 was enough of a challenge, lol.

  7. I stopped at Fire Red. I'm not gonna get Diamond/Pearl because I don't have a DS and I think 493 of those things are enough.

  8. Hey, chris! What's your gamerscore?

  9. Nothing. That's why he's still a mod. Sky was never banned. It never happened.

  10. I can't believe it, man. You were such a good mod. Sorry.

  11. Yes, it is. Inuyasha is a kickass anime.

  12. Life's pretty shitty, lol!

  13. Seriously. A women scared of COTTEN?!?

  14. Wait a minute...is that Naraku from Inuyasha as your profile pic?

  15. Hey, what's up with the three-star rating? Oh, well, that personal picture rules.

  16. What, like AOL IM? I think so, but I'd rather go on Yahoo with my friends. I guess we'll find out on Monday when I get broadband.

  17. Kid-friendly GTA? Hmm....

  18. Yep. Been using it since early December.

  19. Hope you like that five. And prepared to be pwn3d in Halo 3.

  20. I gave you five stars because I'm too scared to give you one.

  21. Nice profile around here.

    2295. Just had to say it.

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