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  1. The obnoxious asshole who keeps claiming he has a ten-inch dick keeps me skeptical.

    Ask him to prove it or something then..

    It's my personal opinion that the people who gloat about the size of their cock and how much ass they get are more than likely overcompensating....unless they're porn actors. Which that guy isn't.

  2. This is precisely why I don't put my faith in the intangible. Nothing can be proven or dis-proven. What my messiah says is right, even if he said it so long ago that it has lost all relevance. Even if it defies modern logic and sensibilities. Even if scientific advancements have evidence to contrary.

  3. For the last time, swine flu isn't gonna fucking kill you. Probably around half of those celebrities died from heart problems, which considering this country's health issues, isn't out of the question. However, I am leaning towards the Death Note theory. Quick, grab me a condemned prisoner, some cameras, and some cake and meet me in the Kanto region of Japan! Come on, skippy!

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