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  1. It does annoy me when people slate Sony. They've done so many things wrong, I couldn't possibly list all of them, but, they do come up with decent ideas from time to time. I'm just saying, some people should appreciate them more, instead of constantly slating. I'm talking in general now.

    So what you're implying is that even though Sony's mistakes outnumber their success, people who don't like Sony should act like they're God's gift to the world. Yeah, that doesn't make you sound like a Sony worshiper.

    He did, technically. The little quote about them needing good games, they do have good games, but most of them are going to Microsoft. Yeah, his comments irritated me, this is a forum, I can speak out if I want to, but Sony themselves irritate me as well. Quite why they can't hold on to exclusives I do not know, and that's what irritates me the most.

    Microsoft has the money to make them nonexclusive. What part of that can't you comprehend?

    Again, referring to the bit above about Sony. That's why I go over the top at small things like your comments. When I shouldn't have.

    You're goddamn right you shouldn't have!

    I didn't try to twist anything, but I find myself getting dragged into arguments like these just because people are stating things that aren't true. I do try and avoid arguments, when possible, but sometimes I feel like speaking out.

    Now, I could have replied with a load of swear words and criticised everyone, but I'm not like that. I made a comment, and got jumped on for it, fair enough.

    No one twisted your arm to call me an Xbox fanboy! You did that of your own volition. What pisses me off the most is that you waited until after Ivan and Mpilk posted their replies before you delivered what was supposed to be your coup de grace, but ended up as another retarded comment. Not only are you a moron for thinking you can accuse me of being a fanboy and get away with it (especially when you have "Sony's Lickspittle" tattooed on your rutting head), you're a coward and a failure.

    ON TOPIC: If E3 doesn't have anything about Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion or Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver, I'm not gonna bother following it.

  2. L-RiC, srsly, stop with the Microsoft worship. Microsofts exclusives don't exactly match up to Sonys, either, in terms of quality. This topics about E3. If you want to continue this, use your PMs, because that's what it's there for.


    Honestly, dude. Fuck you and your double standard. All I said was that Sony has a habit of losing its once-exclusive franchises due to Microsoft having enough money to make sure those games are also released on the 360. Two people gladly explained their opinion why the PS3 was going to rule this year. I didn't even say the Xbox was the best console, yet I get slammed for being a "Microsoft worshipper". You're just mad because I'm not sucking on Sony's cock as much as you are. Grow the fuck up and realize people like other consoles.

  3. Oh, okay. Do you have anything to back up this claim that the PS3 is this year's best console or are you just saying so?

  4. I'm pretty sure that's 100% fake. First of all, they used the PS2 font when they wrote PS3 and it also looked like shit. It's way too early for the PS3 slim, maybe a price cut? A price cut is all they really need to beat the 360.

    Nah, more like a tighter grip on their exclusives....and for that matter, good games.

  5. Screw songs, I might as well go with favorite albums.

    Meteora - Linkin Park

    The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem

    The Rising Tied - Fort Minor

    Someone in Control - Trapt

    Abingdon Boys School - Abingdon Boys School

    Few more to add...

    The Cool - Lupe Fiasco

    S&M - Metallica

    End of Silence - Red

    We Are Not Alone - Breaking Benjamin

    Megadef - Styles of Beyond

    Fallen - Evanescence

  6. I still think it's better than the "look both ways before you cross the road" one. I mean you have to literally be mentally retarded to walk out on to a road without first checking for cars. Unless you're suicidal there's no reason why anyone would do that. So you pretty much deserve to die.

    Wouldn't you have to check for cars anyway if you wanted to kill yourself? Y'know, to actually make sure you get hit by a car instead of flailing around on the road like a dead fish, only not dead. You might still look like a fish, though. That's why you wanted to off yourself, eh, Fishface?

  7. Calm down, it's not as if it matters that much. It's already been moved anyway.

    Gee, thanks for noticing that. Notice how it was moved after my last post?

    Getting back on topic, at least Hulu exists. I can watch My Name is Earl all I want. Besides, sometimes shows getting canceled is a good thing. If shows don't get canceled, they run the risk of overstaying their welcome and becoming a shell of their former selves, like the Simpsons.

  8. First off, only three of those shows were on Fox. Second, it's a fucking injustice KotH is getting canceled for a damn Family Guy spinoff...centered around Cleveland. (Yeah, I know Sit Down Shut Up is getting canceled for the same reason, but the thing is that show also sucked. Flanderization aside, KotH didn't.)

    EDIT: Another nitpick, why the hell is this in Serious Chat? It's TV, the world isn't gonna fucking explode because your favorite show got shit-canned.

  9. Yes, trying to cover up your mistakes makes you a douche! I'm not trying to cover up my mistakes. I was replying to steveplayer's post in that you have no idea what the fuck sarcasm is. Putting a dumbass smiley after a stupid post doesn't make that stupid post witty. It just makes it (and you) look more retarded. Trust me, you could never do better than me. This entire forum knows this. If you had any idea about who you're smarting off to, you'd know it's not wise to act conde-fucking-scending to him, given his reputation as a bulldog around here. Internet toughguy? Maybe. Tenured member who's not gonna take shit from anyone, especially from some cockroach? Hell yeah.

    On topic: Yeah, kids piss me off. Especially ones who don't know their fucking place.

    EDIT: If you want to continue this, send me a PM containing your worthless excuse of a comeback. Everyone else, feel free to get back on topic. I'm sorry for this minor disruption.

  10. It's a rip-off. Who the hell would pay that much for someone who has little to no idea what they're doing? It's like paying a someone enough money to feed starving Ethiopian kids for a week to drive your gold-plated Hummer limo...while acknowledging the last time he got behind the wheel of a car was when he went to the arcade to play Outrun.

  11. Wow. 1/5 people figured out I was kidding...thanks Nate, you've won the grand prize.

    All the rest of you, we have some lovely parting prizes for you on your way out....

    @Connor: Got what he deserved, eh? Good job.

    Hey, don't sell me short. I knew damn well you were joking about Huck. However, I also know you like to use "sarcasm" as an excuse to be a douche.

  12. Okay asshat, trying to pass off your stupidity as sarcasm is the oldest trick in the book and it doesn't fucking work. And living in a town with a bunch of kids that got laid doesn't make YOU one of them. You're not fooling anyone; the only way to redeem your dumbassery is to admit you don't know shit about female anatomy. Hell, I didn't know about this particular subject. Then again, I could care less about what girls piss out of, as long as it ends up on you.

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