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  1. I'm not sure that's true :S

    We have several save games to download here and the directories you need to copy are easy to find on google.

    Well done for eventually buying the game though (if that is true). You're helping to pay rockstar to make GTA V even better. If everyone just stole it, they wouldn't be able to do it.

  2. Not everyone enjoys multiplayer, though; and not everyone has consoles; and not everyone can be online at the same time.

    If that's the sole point of gangs, it's going to end up being quite a small group, and maybe even make the forums LESS active because everyone just talks on XBL etc.

  3. The thing that I notice most about GTA is that everyone has their own style of playing it.

    Some people just play through the storyline, whilst others piss about in the countryside, others roleplay as a cop or gangster, others drive around shooting prostitutes, others go around collecting items, others race and stunt with vehicles, others make mods or videos, and many more I can't even imagine.

    GTA San Andreas gave many more opportunities for that than any other GTA game, or even any other game. You could be everything from a mafia boss to a taxi driver to a military scientist in Area 69. You could spend your day chilling on grove street, driving down the open road, robbing casinos or flying over the vast countryside.

    GTA IV, in contrast, was much more 2-dimensional. Outside of the storyline, there wasn't much else to do except drive around a city. There weren't many buildings to go in, no countryside to explore, no planes to fly, no destinations really.

    It looks like GTA V will change that - I just hope they go all-the-way and give us the best ever sandbox to play in.

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  4. It was a bit of everything.

    From a technical perspective, all that ever worked properly were the member/group functions, some attack/health measures, and the store/bank/inventory. The store and the attack mods weren't compatible with a new version of IPB *MANY* versions back.

    Later, we tried running a gta multiplayer clan system and server at one point, but that fizzled out due to having nobody to manage it properly, not enough decent programmers to spend the time to code all the system we needed, and a drop in activity on the forum. We didn't do much better when GTA IV came out, so hopefully V will be different.

  5. @Tuna - Stay on topic. Feel free to discuss stuff, feel free to put across your opinion, but other people are entitled to disagree. As Spaz said - this IS a GTA forum, people here generally tend to like GTA games, so don't expect everyone to love your negativity.

    @Spaz - I always stopped mulitple levels of quote embedding, but Chris turned it back on. Silly admins. I will spike his breakfast for you.

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  6. As I said elsewhere, I just bought a macbook pro. Decent specs too (2.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6770M with 1GB GDDR5)

    Steam has a handful of my games for mac - Civilisation, Portal 1+2, Half Life 2, World of Goo. It has a few I don't have like Amnesia, Assassins Creed 2, Football Manager, Splinter Cell Conviction, Defcon etc. Civ and Portal play pretty well, not tried any others yet.

  7. I ran de Windows 8 Developer Preview. Now I know it's just a preview, but my impressions weren't grate. In fact, I thought of it to be incredibly shitty. You can't turn off that stupid tablet menu and the desktop has been reduced to the functioning of an application. There's a reason I don't like OSX devices and that I stick with Windows. Why is Microsoft going the Apple way by suddenly forcing all their preferences onto their users ):

    Actually, no functionality was removed at all. You could still do everything the same as normal, it's just that huge tablet start menu got in the way and made it far too awkward to use. Looking at the group policies, you will be able to disable it in future versions (closer to release), but tbh I could see Microsoft making this difficult and (wrongly) insisting that everyone have the same experience.

    I just bought a macbook pro. OSX is actually pretty nifty - I've only needed a couple of tools to add a couple of missing features (like snap-to-side), and already I'm pretty happy with it.

  8. Oh orly. Where's your Microsoft career? :whistle:

    That was only ever for a year-and-a-half. I started volunteering in the police whilst I was there, found I enjoyed it more, and am now going full-time.

    Microsoft was fun, but this is just on another level.

  9. Yeah, we DEFINITELY kind of killed activity in the forum. But I guess that's also what happens when EVERYONE is participating in a gang.... EVERYONE then has a private forum to discuss shit in. Of COURSE there's going to end up be general discussions in there. It's happened everytime I've been part of a private forum.

    We considered a few solutions to this.

    If we only let experienced members in the private forums, then all the decent discussion will be locked away, and the rest of the forum is full of... crap (no offence).

    If we make the private forums visible to other members, they might just feel left out rather than inspiring them to contribute elsewhere.

    Any suggestions?

  10. One of the problems with the DS and LCF was that the members retreated into their private forums and almost never posted in public.

    I'd love to see the gang discussions return, but not at the expense of all activity. I think that's why we need some sort of purpose to the gangs, to make the rest of the forums still useful to members.

  11. I think it'd be fun to see those cities appear in DLC. At least that's more than a storyline (TLAD/BOGT) and would be awesome enough for everyone to buy. AND it means the first release has more time to be perfected, instead of trying to rush 2 more cities, or just delaying it more and more.

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