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  1. Boring with the old ugly graphic of SA ? I have the sollution.what you have to do is only install iCandy ENB setting.This ENB give you a smooth touch,realistic graphic & wonderful.here are some screens:



    iCandy - 1.2B:


    iCandy - 1.4C:




    iCandy - 1.2B:DOWNLOAD

    iCandy - 1.4C:DOWNLOAD

    Choose your choice


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  2. Yes, we think what we have is sufficient at the moment. Somewhat ironically we don't have that large a modding community here, in terms of content creators, so having 6 dedicated sections like that would split up the content too much. Of course if things change we'll take these suggestions into consideration again.

    I appreciate it :)

  3. Can TGTAP forum create one section whic is,Mod showroom ? in the mod showroom section,there are 6 section:map,cars,other,coding,tools & characters.

    • in the map section,we can post our near done/WIP map project there
    • in cars section,we can post our cars idea/converted vehicle
    • in other section,we can post about other mod like CLEO mod,ENB & others
    • in coding section,we can post our custom made custom made script
    • in tools section,we can post our custom made tools for GTA or share unrealesed toold
    • in characters section,we can post our custom models/skins/pedestrians

    What do you think ? :)