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  1. Don't be so critical tilly! Well...not until you produce some GTAIV fakes, and like I said in my last post, we're gonna start focusing on making better fakes rather than renders cos yeah, i know they aren't our talent, other than finding them and putting them in a realistic context.
  2. Very very nice second picture GTAPlayer! I think we all need to start like ps3player said to work on making proper fakes....plus we'll run out of other game screenshots and CGI renders soon!! Like splicing characters from other GTA games or something into better graphics environments, make it funny, y'kno! I'm gonna give it a go anyway....
  3. More evidence it'll be in London?? ....
  4. Spaz_the_Great, because we're all secretly canadian so we have to be nice!
  5. Alan Wake?? Nice screens btw, the second one looks seriously GTA!!
  6. I know, they're from a PSP game but the content seemed really appropriate, that's why I kept the pictures small
  7. Guess we'll find out when the trailer is released!!! Did some more fake screens tho for you all to enjoy!
  8. Las Vegas doesn't border the sea either but they managed it in SA.
  9. I'm not sure if these should be in 'fake', I was emailed these by an unnamed person...
  10. Yeah but it's still fun to argue over it until we all know! I disagree with what Jeff says about London. London is probably the most culturally diverse city in the world, and it has a hell of a lot of crime. There are plenty stereotypes: cockneys, rastas, cabbies, businessmen and businesswomen, those dudes that still wear bowler hats and an umbrella, bobbies (police), skinhead neo-nazis, hippies, junkies (which there are tons of in london), and a whole host of different gang cultures. Then again, I've heard it suggested that the game could take place across the UK, which would mean a lot more variety, might even include my city which is totally crime-ridden and near one of rockstar's offices. also, the UK would mean a whole new aspect to acquiring weapons: the police generally don't carry guns except in airports and important locations in london, and there are no gun shops, you would have to get them like through various gun dealers in the game. No, I like the idea of GTA in the UK, and I think the American market will be surprised and pleased with the results of the game if it is.
  11. I was actually under the impression that maybe the font meant something.....it looks more like the sort of font you see at an american university of baseball team to me! I don't know. Maybe IV stands for something like what you thought, perhaps 'In Vegas' or 'Idaho Vancouver' or 'In Vancouver', I don't know. Personally I think it'll be in London, that picture that someone posted on the forum of a boxshot of GTA IV with a UK flag, sort of to the side and with a couple characters drawn on it that looked pretty realistic convinced me, especially since it dissapeared from the forum a few hours later! Oh wait, I found it again....here it is in case you all missed it......I don't really see how it could have been faked!
  12. Thanks buddy, if only rockstar realised that and hired me!
  13. Well done Gycu, it is the getaway! Thought it's starting to look like it'll be based in London so why not use one from the best london game i know of? I just darkened the sky a little, edited (rather poorly) out the burger king logo and the Honda logo from the car to make it more like gta, and added a nice gps map and did some transparency on it so you can see behind it a little, bit of class. fake screens are possibly the greatest time-killers!!
  14. Well, had a look at the video of Ping Pong - it seems like a good improvement of graphics, but I hope it has more features than just better graphics/lighting/etc...
  15. Actually, does anybody know what engine GTA4 will use? I'm really hoping it's not going to be similar to the ones used in the GTAIII series. The explosions I find very dissapointing, it's all the same, and cars do NOT explode like that anymore, it's not CHiPs!!! And fire, like what you find in Postal2, would be awesome! At the very least I want an engine that can simulate snow and ice, cars that have realistic damage and reduce in performance from damage -- if I crash my car head-first into a wall, I want my car to be realistically smashed up and unuseable!! Same with guns, if I shoot someone in the chest or head, they die instantly, their head doesn't pop like a baloon! Nor do they take 5 shots to the abdomen easily with a pistol. Limping, unable to use an arm etc would also be good touches to the game. And like in Mafia, when you crash your car, you are injured - same with bikes, if you fly off a bike at 90, you can't jump off like a metallic Arnold Schwarzenegger! You die. I think all the enemies should be killable like normal life, and a difficulty setting ONLY sets how much damage you can take. Make GTA4 like that, and I would be happy
  16. Chill everyone! Get some of that Canadian kind-spiritedness in y'all And yes it is fake, I made it! I'm glad people like the boxart, and I know there aren't gangs in Vancouver, hence why in the mission brief I said that the gangs were in Seattle, and none in Vancouver, except the imaginary Mounties who are just a bunch of Canadians that want to vie for some American territory! GTA gangs are majoritatively make-believe, I don't think you really see Vietnamese gangs roaming round San Francisco with SMGs!! It's just for fun, that's what GTA is.
  17. Yep, like I said in the post you quoted, I'm British.
  18. hahaha, true! But it would look good if after you destroy a building, it slowly turns into a construction site and it starts getting built up again. But after a building is destroyed, I think it likely that the authorities would stop all selling of bombs in Ammu-nation, close the car-bomb shops, and basically make it impossible to do again for a while - it would be a one-off occurence! But for things like crashing your car into a wall, it would be fantastic if the wall was damaged, and rebuilt over a period of time, and if car crashes were realistic!!!! This sort of thing might be for GTA5 though, I don't think current computers could run that sort of thing, Oblivion is bad enough on a mega-machine.
  19. ...but.....but.....what are you trying to say? That GTA in vancouver isn't a good idea???? Don't worry, I know it wouldn't really work, it's just a fun idea, I'd play it but I doubt anyone else would. Thought Americans might like the idea of battling Canadians for territory though! (I'm British, by the way). To be honest I prefer Chicago and (yes I know its already been done) but NYC again as locales for GTA4, somewhere dark and built up, and with snow! Midtown Madness 1 was the last free-roaming game with snow that I can remember, shame, it's fun to practice driving on (if hard to simulate). But GTAIII had a very nice ora to it that Vice and SA failed to make, even though it's no features I still think GTAIII was the best of the bunch.
  20. I realise it's probably too late by now (in terms of GTA4 already being in production), but if they use Havok 4 I think we would all be blown away! In case you didn't know, this is the example video of Havok 4 physics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWjSJ0PHqf8&eurl= Just think if GTA used this! Destroyable buildings (with rocket launchers, satchel packs, car bombs, etc...), it would knock the gaming world away!
  21. Well I originally thought it could be a gang war between americans in Seattle and canadians in Vancouver... Skittle, yes it's max payne, in Alan Wake!
  22. Obviously a fake, but I thought it was worth posting!
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