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  1. Well, I've found a way to connect an X360 upto my LCD monitor and sound system already, to do the same with PS3 would cost considerably more, and that's without the premium of having to pay for a PS3 console!!! They're about £100 ($200) more than the X360 which is pretty crazy
  2. Yeah I just read myself on the playstation website and realised you can set SD resolutions, good that's step 1 accomplished! But now how to figure out how I connect it to my monitor and speakers.....
  3. Okay, I am now planning to get either an X360 or PS3.....but one thing has just hit me..the consoles are "HDTV" or whatever, right? I only have a normal standard TV, and a flat-panel VGA monitor....so is it still possible for me to use either console?!?! Furthermore, I was really hoping to use the console I get with my VGA LCD monitor, and I thought when I found something that goes from PS3 to DVI, and then a DVI to VGA converter "yes!" but realised then how will I get audio out of the system?!?! But yeah any insight or links to something relevant and useful will be highly appreciated!
  4. Well to be honest they can have the sucky music for people that like it on the right sort of radio stations, which i'm sure they will do cos they have done for years, but they've never done boy/girl bands and probably never will but definetly a couple of hardcore rock stations rather than just radio x and dst, maybe a thrash metal station, a death metal station and nu-metal station would do nicely for those of us with wide tastes of it - and bare in mind most GTA players will listen to metal and rap.
  5. Oooo, damn, so similar to my system - your graphics card beats mine (Geforce 7900GTX 512MB) but my E6700 beats your CPU!!!! lol but nice one chris
  6. ps3_player I think you just comprehensively listed every single artist I would NOT want to see songs from in GTAIV, thankfully, I don't think any of them will be. I'm hoping for some local NYC music, and perhaps small-time metal and rock bands, just to make it seem more real-life, big-named bands are too expensive. EDIT: Oh, apart from slipknot, they'd be fun, but would inevitably lead to too many in-game killing sprees
  7. If you want the game on release day you're gonna have to pre-order - I remember trauling round the shops for SA when it came out and ended up having to order it from amazon EDIT: My god pushups are difficult, ah well, another 5 now.....joy
  8. Yeah cos that's funny.... Including the internet in the game was no way what I ever expected.....although I've noticed all those people that never believed email would be in the game have gone quiet now..... They say it's going to be massive, I can't picture what they'll actually put in it, of course I'm hoping for porn but that's probably unlikely, maybe a fake ebay, and other places to spend your cash? Like exotics in scarface? (kudos to the guy that originally started the thread on wanting exotics in GTAIV)
  9. Because that'd be fun, yeah, big time..... shaunw, you can enter a lot more buildings apparently, but not all (I think that's what rockstar said), i just hope there's a wider variety of insides of buildings and objects inside and textures etc than there was in SA.
  10. Now it just reroutes you to GTA Station forums (whatever that is), so no, definetly not Rockstar.
  11. Jace, that's amazing about the discs thing!!! woah!!!!! Alienware, lol, if you'd actually bought the system you wouldn't be copy+pasting in the ignorant product blurb and the price range, I mean seriously dude! Here's my brand new supercomputer: -able to perform 12.3 trillion operations per second -intended to continue the advance toward matching and eventually surpassing the computing capacity of the human brain -covers 9,920 square feet of floor space -weighs 106 tons -from $110 million Sky, a lot of that depends on your case, what case have you got? Righty, yeah mine goes there sometimes, well maybe not above 60C but yeah I worry too!
  12. Can anybody actually justify why I (or anyone else for that matter), as a happy XP user, should run out today and spend £160 whatever on Vista? As far as I can tell, ALL it offers is DX10 built-in, which is useless at the mo, and other than that a lot of side-effects that I don't want. Why don't they make an OS that approaches it completely differently - so take "ports" on the internet, being treated way differently so as to completely eliminate hackers, and no funny background-programs, nothing can run without you double-clicking it, nothing can wire itself into any startup thing, only what is read-only by the OS originally, if you know what I mean. I wish they'd think of that......but then again if they did, MCafee, Norton, and the rest would be out of business, so maybe they make the OS's unstable for a reason?
  13. Maybe we could have cars that we can buy - if they get really damaged we can have them repaired and they'll like spawn at safehouses or something, but if someone bazookas it then you've gotta buy another, or like you can right your car off and have to buy another.
  14. Well if you've ever played True Crime NYC you'll know just how stupidly big central park is. But I think they'll have large construction sites, maybe waste tip sites, stuff like that - have a look at Bronx and East Bronx on google earth and you'll see there's a lot of dirt ground there, whatever that is, I've never been to NYC either.
  15. Where did you find out what the controls for GTAIV are going to be?
  16. Did I read somewhere that there wasn't going to be a game HUD? Or was that some unreliable source, can't remember now...
  17. To those that think they heard something about food and gym being taken out - that was a made-up report by a turkish XBOX360 magazine that doesn't exist - rockstar have said nothing on food and gym, but looking at the screens, at least food will still be in it, hopefully the gym as well!
  18. It doesn't matter what the difference between PS2 and X360 is because the controls for GTAIV are going to be different than in previous games anyway - you'll have all the fun of learning when you play the game just like the rest of us
  19. Not necessarily, because if they can't sell it in high-street stores across the US, they (might) loose a lot of money as people acquire it illegally, and as a result don't release it. Then again they could release it for sale from their website only (like you'll pre-order with them and they'll send the games out across the USA) which might make them shitloads of cash. But can you imagine the number of pre-orders that have already been placed with the likes of Amazon?
  20. Yeah sure but if they can put add-ons into X360 games then they can do it with GTAIV I guess (I assume the addon is accessed from the hard drive) by which I mean they can make add-ons for GTAIV with other cities.
  21. Maybe they'll take their shoes off and throw them at you, or get a giant pole and try to shove you off like a giant prick on a lampost
  22. Can you?? Okay, didn't realise that.....I stand corrected lol
  23. shaunw, can you imagine how dull GTA would be if Rockstar thought like you? (No offense). They put things in the game for fun and realism, you can hardly say "oh no sprawling countryside so that's it, take out all 4x4s, SUVs, hummers, dirt bikes.....oh and no sand? right, take out tanks and anything military....talk about over-economising dude. Of course the sanchez and probably more will be in GTAIV, not all GTAs have to be the exact same you know, just accept it'll be a little different and for god's sake, it WILL be better than SA. It's a simulation of city life! If you like the sanchez that much go out and buy Microsoft Motocross Madness 2 (trust me, it's fun)!
  24. I'm all for realism but not putting in cheats would be a travesty - I hate those missions that you have to replay 700 times, I'd far rather just cheat and have fun!
  25. Maybe they meant wii? But GTAIV will never be on Wii, it's too graphicy and advanced
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