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  1. As much as I hate console debates; I'll just point out to end this now that he meant blu-ray (PS3) discs can store a lot more data than a dvd (x360), so lets say GTAIV is 8GB (max dvd size), and they want to make the next GTAIV game which has a larger land size and so more than 8GB of data, it might mean than the X360 can't support the game, only blu-ray based consoles and PCs, but anyway, we're a long way off worrying about that! EDIT: whoops I was a bit late, my post was to fatalgamer Let's just all agree that if they made the game for PC, there would be no problem with how big the game is
  2. MishoM I would have agreed with you before this second trailer, but now, there is so much visual evidence that you can't do that anymore - carrying bags, and seeing open trunks of cars, suggests it's going to actually be realistic this time.
  3. Lol, yeah, it's "Closed Circuit Television Camera" I think, anyway, used by security.
  4. You should be able to turn them off regardless of whether you've seen em! Chris, yeah that'd suit me fine Have you ever played those sorts of games that are still introducing features and "how to" bits like right till the end of the game? Condemned CO did that and boy does it ever piss me off, it's like being forced to use stabilisers on a bicycle when you're an adult, it's stupid!! And if ANYONE mentions consoles again in my thread I will personally track you down and set fire to your house, it has nothing to do with the tutorials, this is an issue specific to the game, not consoles!
  5. Okay, a few things I've noticed in the trailer that I don't think have been previously mentioned before.... I don't know how to do the comment, picture, comment, picture thing etc so I'll just number the points I'm making and after each picture as it appears matches that number.....anyway you know what I mean! .... 1 : CCTV? 2-6 : Niko checks mirrors whilst driving?? 7-8 : Niko can bust down doors 9 : At least three different policeman models 10 : Military helicopters? Or at least a new type! 11 : Niko can cling onto the back of vehicles 12-16 : Look at how the car suspension reacts when the car is sprayed with bullets!! (for this effect it's best to save these images and scroll through em using windows picture and fax viewer
  6. It's always annoyed me, when replaying GTA games, that you have to "press ENT to get on bike", "ride here" "this button does this" "you can blah.....(insert forced cutscene you can't escape" especially on missions that you have to play a few times to complete - so, how would you feel if no tutorial existed in GTAIV? If you arrived in New York (obviously the storyline is all still there!) but there are no magical instructions from god telling you what to do and "press this" etc etc, we are just left to our own wits to firgure it out.
  7. Let's face it, it's got to be better than GTA3, and I still enjoy GTA3, so there's no way they could mess up GTAIV!
  8. Nah I'd like to see something new really! Like a Middle-america one (a few states in the crazy overly-christian centre of USA) or even Texas!!
  9. Okay, there has been a lot of discussion in the forum about the possibility that Niko will have to carry his weapons, either in bags or in the trunk of his car. Although not confirmed, looking at some of the screenshots I think this is a distinct possibility and so I've started this poll on where you think Niko could store his weapons, and then if you think Niko should have to buy his weapons from the black-market somehow (as he isn't an american citizen and as such can't just go to an ammunation) or have to rob an ammunation....enjoy!
  10. What's the point of this thread? Rockstar have confirmed in multiple previews that there is to be NO countryside in GTAIV, that it's a massive sprawling city with a lot more height than in previous games, end of story.
  11. Alistair

    After GTAIV?

    As long as they're making money I don't see any reason why they would stop the most succesfull game in gaming history (i think). Look how long Elder Scrolls has gone on for, and how better it keeps getting. There is still plenty room for improvement in the game - think about it - ALL buildings accessible over a massive land area, people interaction that is highly realistic even like you type something in to talk or use voice recognition and they reply accordingly (intelligent AI), fully destructable buildings - there ain't no stopping it. The ONLY thing that can stop it, is either armageddon, or if the stupid governments keep banning games.
  12. Death, lol yeah I remember that well, but Postal2 was more of a jokey-game, I think GTA would take it a little more seriously than that!
  13. I never thought this before....do game makers have to get a contract with an arms maker (like Kalashnikov, Smith & Wesson, etc) to include guns like AK-47 and M-16 etc in the game?
  14. $85 freaking dollars for a toll booth?!? EDIT: Oh wait, no, its only $5, that's not so bad then lol
  15. Probably forget it's getting released till a few days later like I did with the trailers Then splash out on an X360 and the game with my hard earned student loan (I think I'm the only person here actually legally old enough to play this game lol), refrain from "sniffing the packet" because that's just...creepy...then play a couple hours and avoid the multiplayer features because I just plain hate MP!!
  16. I don't think so, it'll just be some extra missions. And if I were Rockstar, yes, I'd accept $50million to make a few extra missions or whatever for a game, wouldn't you? That's big money!!
  17. Good idea but two points: 1. Blood stains on clothes should be a problem. 2. Change the name of the thread ffs Although I think there is no way they'll put this into GTAIV, we've seen/heard no news of it from any previews
  18. At the end of the day, if they ban GTAIV in UK but rlease it in the states, we'll all be downloading it illegally in that case (reluctantly, i would actually like to pay rockstar for their efforts), but it doesn't change the fact the people that moan and ban the games are morons that don't understand the simplest concept!
  19. No, I'd hate the idea of sitting in jail lol, that's just....no oh, and "The wanted system in gta isn`t very good but with these changes i am going to write it coud be better: ... please reply" Are you a computer??
  20. I reckon the "special someone" fucked niko and roman over in their past, and they tried to kill him but he got away with cash/drugs and perhaps info - then fucked roman over again in liberty which is why roman is down and out and needs niko, with the main storyline from liberty being trying to chase down this guy and get what it is that they are after.
  21. They better not ban it - I can't believe they banned Manhunt 2 in the UK (thankgod for the internet). It doesn't make sense because the crimes associated with video games are commited by kids, but the game is (at least in the UK) set at 18, so if kids are getting hold of these games then blame the damn parents/guardians not the game makers!!! But somehow Britney dressing up as a little girl and encouraging pedos is perfectly acceptable?!?! dumb ass judges know jack
  22. Do any of you actually know where New York is?!?! It isn't warm! It isn't carribean or floridian or californian, it's in the bloody cold north! For most times of the year if you jumped in the water you'd soon get hypothermia, there are no islands with palm trees, no actual sharks that would ever attack you - get over it, it isn't vice city - when they make the next GTA location, if it's somewhere warm, then you'll see all these typical beach and tropical features, until then it'd look totally stupid putting those things into Liberty City, it ain't gonna happen!
  23. QuickDeath, thanks! Urbanoutlaw, the deal with hot coffee was that it was hidden and so the people that rate the game didn't know it existed - it was kind of like putting a hidden porn cheat into a sesame street game for kids, if you know what I mean, they need to make clear all the content that will exist so they can rate it accordingly, so as long as it isn't hidden as hot coffee was, then it won't be a problem
  24. Woah! dude! 5 star out of 5 for that one!
  25. Guys please take it to the war zone - the original post actually made me laugh lol "drugs!!" and the way it was done it paint was piss funny man, lol, well done to the original poster dude. But on a more serious note: Ridable rides.. might be a good idea, you could go on a ferris wheel to try and avoid the cops (LOL) and just sort of shoot at them as the ride goes round, or try jumping to the police helicopter, hang on, and shoot at the cops from there (like in the trailer!) lol But anyway, I would actually like to see genuine illegal drugs in the game: Speed: Pro - Gives you a massive burst of adrenaline so you react and move quicker Con - You suffer a slow down afterwards Cocaine: Pro - Temporarily gives you a massive boost of HP (you don't feel pain) and don't react to being shot or hit Con - Damages your HP after and too much kills you Weed: Pro - Slows everything down and slightly increases your HP, makes everything look green Con - Slightly damages your HP afterwards Alcohol: Pro - None Con - Hard to drive, stumble and fall over, can't talk properly, can get caught by the cops for drunkenness, throw up if too much Cigarettes: Pro - Look cool Con - Slightly damages HP, run slower, harder to do gym That's all I can think of, but it'd be a massive addition to the game in my opinion, and a bit more real life
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