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    Editing CJ

    Both is possible....there are many already made mods in www.thegtaplace.com database but you can find the tools to make them in it too...
  2. DareDevilX

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Shit...this is sooo embarassing....I'll edit my posts...Thanks Toxic.....Anyway yes you can do any type of stunts... Lol EDIT:You don't have to send your stunts one month ago anymore lol
  3. DareDevilX

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Ok so it's wheely....toxic send stunts again....and if they're good you'll be in.Deadline is 20.8.2007...hurry up.
  4. DareDevilX

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Sorry to hear that...I'll ask DC if he still has your stunts... EDIT:He has them...you're in!
  5. DareDevilX

    The MARVEL(R) Universe

    My username tells you my favourite character...followed by spider-man and punisher... Favourite villian is Venom and Kingpin! I would like to see fight Venom vs. DareDevil...or DareDevil vs. Wolverine
  6. DareDevilX

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bon Jovi - (You Wanna) Make A Memory
  7. DareDevilX

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Last time we chosen an editor more people could apply to that position...it was Gof and DC I think but Gof given up so we didn't have to vote. So I think it would be best to put a vote...But until you two decide I'll be neutral.
  8. DareDevilX

    [SA] Hydra Flying

    Hold 8 on the numpad until they change position....
  9. DareDevilX

    SA-MP - New Version

    We don't want cheaters on sa:mp so NO! N00b
  10. DareDevilX

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Ok..now we have to tell every stunter (look first post to see who's in) to resend their stuff.If anyone wants to sign up that's ok too. What should the deadline be...ten days from now?I'll set it to 20.8.2007 so if anyone has complains about it tell me...
  11. DareDevilX

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Ok I just contacted DC and he said he has problems with Vegas and that he can't edit. So anyone in the mood to edit? Wheely should i sign you up?
  12. DareDevilX


    I played it numerous times with friends over the LAN but I don't really like it.I don't think it's realistic enough and maps are tooo big and not very interesting (IMO).Anyway if somebody asked me I would say Call of Duty 2 beats it in every way.Although new Battlefield 2214 (or whatever year) may be good... I liked the trailers...
  13. DareDevilX

    [SA]New Collab Video

    W8 few more days wheely...I'll try to contact him.Maybe he just doesn't have time to upload it. But if it continues this way we'll have to start another collab...
  14. DareDevilX

    Direct X 10.1 won't work with DX10 GFX

    WTF?That's unbelievable... Anyway one question not directly related to this (I don't want to bother to start new topic).... I'm buying a new PC with Vista...Do I have to buy a graphic's card with suport for DX10 (DX10.1 now) or I can run it with other video cards too?
  15. DareDevilX

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Shit....this is going slooooow or he forgot about it completley....I'll try to contact him.
  16. DareDevilX

    Texture - My face in Grove Street Gang member

    Man you're sooo ugly... Good job though. Edit: Can you post yuor real picture so we can compare?
  17. DareDevilX

    [VC] Underrated

    Yeah that's right.It was "High Above"...
  18. DareDevilX

    Watch This Stunt Video.

    Modded...Try reading some tutorials if you want to become a stunter and if not don't make videos like that cause that won't impress anyone.
  19. DareDevilX

    [VC] Underrated

    Nice I really liked it...I like your previous videos too...do you stunt SA btw?Cause I think I saw one video with you in SA.
  20. DareDevilX

    check this out

    Justshes or whatever...that's not stunting...You c everybody can make jumps like that. Please read DeathCobra's tut about stunting which can be found in the Stunting forum (and it's pinned) and stop hurting my head with that video. Oh yeah, if you ever need help about stunting after reading DeathCobra's tut I'll be more then glad to help you.
  21. DareDevilX

    crazy suicidal stunt-gta sa

    What the fuck is this? Inform yourself n00b. Sorry for being rude........
  22. DareDevilX

    new trailer for gta sa stories

    SA is already out so it would be pointless to make trailers for it now...IMO. Anyway,nice work but you could do much better...like showing the city and then main character etc. You could make another model for main character so it could be more authentic...etc. But honestly IMO it's pointless to make videos like that overall...
  23. DareDevilX

    The Random Post Topic

    hahahaha ...uuu ...ha
  24. DareDevilX

    You are a..

  25. DareDevilX

    CRAZY Bike Stunts