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    Was there a Military Base in VC

    Yeah...but I think it's better to play on big screen.
  2. DareDevilX

    What are you listening to right now?

  3. DareDevilX

    Favourite locations

    As title sais what's you favourite stunting location? I like to do it on highways in Las Venturas and trough whole Los Santos.
  4. DareDevilX

    Who will be GTA's main character?

    Carl won't be dead.It's stupid to think Ma Cipriani is acctually Beverli,anyway I think that's we are going to play completly new character and we might meet every main character from previous GTA games...Rockstar will come up with something interesting.
  5. DareDevilX

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Sorry about smilies,anyway I would like to have licensed cars in GTA because it would be stupid to have Bravura or Greenwood in the middle of London or another real city.
  6. DareDevilX

    Do you believe in other life out there?

    Aliens probably wait for us to come on their planet and share with them our technology and maybe they are in fear of us because we might conquer them ....
  7. DareDevilX

    San Andreas Stories discussion

    Maybe young Truth could be main character? It would be explained what was that Green-Goo ,CJ took from the train.
  8. DareDevilX

    Favourite locations

    I'm not copying X,I never heard of you
  9. DareDevilX

    What are you listening to right now?

    Otherside-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  10. DareDevilX

    hidden packages arrow mod

    1.Download IMG tool 2.0 2.Open gta3.img (located in your models folder) with IMG tool 2.0 3.Find and replace package1.dff and package.txd with files you downloaded. 4.Play the game. Everything clear?
  11. DareDevilX

    What are you listening to right now?

    Getting away with murder-Papa Roach Slayer,where did you get those Manowar songs?Have you downloaded it somewhere or bought a CD? I can't find it anywere... :'( :'( :'(
  12. DareDevilX

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    1.Real BIG City(like London). 2.Year 2007. 3.Licenced cars. 4.Internet stream of real life radio stations.(not neccecary) 5.Over 300 songs! 6.Fighting stiles like in Tekken 5. 7.Stunting graphics. 8.Great story like always. 9.Cool,cool,cool, main character. 10.Story based upon movie "Snatch"(not neccecary) .....and it would be great if some characters from previous GTA games appear.
  13. DareDevilX

    help with the "detailed map" mod.

    You have to install it manually.When I installed it some parts of map where not exact.For example map is showing me that garage in Dorethy is in Verdant Meadows.... Anyway I don't suggest you install it.
  14. DareDevilX

    Whos your favorite charecter?

    C.J. & Toreno.
  15. DareDevilX

    What are you listening to right now?

    Last Resort-Papa Roach
  16. DareDevilX

    What are you listening to right now?

    two seconds ago-Sevendust-Enemy now-Sabaton-Primo Victoria
  17. DareDevilX

    Favorite stunt video?

    Yeah,your videos are good.Especially SA:Blackout.
  18. DareDevilX

    Favorite stunt video?

    Slayer you are from Croatia? I mean... Slayer ti si iz Hrvatske?
  19. DareDevilX

    [SA] HOW-TO: Remove Replay Text

    Thanks,it helps.
  20. End of the line is best mission in Los Santos....
  21. DareDevilX

    Who would win in a fight tommy or CJ

    CJ's life was hard and he knows how to survive... Tommy is very strong and dangerous too-Harwood Butcher... Maybe it would be tied but I think Tommy would win cause he has "cojones".
  22. DareDevilX

    Favorite stunt video?

    I didn't wacth many videos but for now "One Step Beyond" is my favourite."SA:Blackout" has best editing I ever seen but I presume there are much better videos beside these two.
  23. DareDevilX

    Saint Mark's Bistro?

    There you go....
  24. DareDevilX

    Saint Mark's Bistro?

    Yeah,it's probably somekind of bug but go to Salvatore's office in Caligula just in case there is a red marker for a mission and it's not on a map.
  25. DareDevilX

    [SA] i need help!

    I can do it without gravity mod so I won't use it......