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  1. I passed the mission before I looked here but thanks anyway.

    I layed down next to that guy and put the claymores around us. I didn't use sniper at all only ak47. it was pretty weird

    but effective though.

  2. I have troubles with that mission when you're 15 years back in the past. I'm w8ing for the plane to come and

    get me but I have to defend myself until it comes. I'm playing on veteran, fuc*. Any tips Wheelie?

  3. What's this? Your 5th, 6th video?

    Those are soo0 n00b stunts... And my intent is not to be fag but just to make it clear to you.

    As long as someone is saying to you that you're great you'll never realize how n00bish your stunts are.

    Watch some real VC stunt videos on www.gtastunting.com and then PRACTICE PRACTICE PRAAAACTIIISEEE!

    ... and... lol... sure... you'll be good one day.


  4. So this is the video that got me in Godless Limit Stunters... It was a gtastunting.com exclusive but I didn't

    want to left out you guys either...

    This is download+streaming link but I STRONGLY suggest download... you won't regret it...

    link, click

    EDIT: Instead of want I wrote won't... such a n00b. :P