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  1. No problem man that was just my opinion.I told you that cause your vids would look better if you do some

    creative stunts and that doesn't mean to do grinds and MD.You'll probably see what was I talking about

    in Concept 2.

  2. Nice to c you active again.

    Stunts-Mehish....some were awesome like last one but some were too easy like Slayer's and Engel's bump

    and Slayer's p2b2airport.Ghost,good job for using the Ranger for double bump.

    Editing-Not much words needed...great.Still I expected something even better from you Ghost.

    Music-Excellent choise.I was planning to use Limp Bizkit in my next vid too.

    Overall-8/10 cause you aren't startes but old stunters.

  3. Nokia is quite popular here in India.

    My cousin has an N91 with 4gb Hard-disk :(

    Always plays and fiddles with it when i am near to annoy me :P

    My sister uses 6300.Which is a great piece too.

    My friend has 6300 too.It's practically same as mine phone it just has different looks.