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  1. I think this is pretty new but don't go flaming on me if it isn't cause at least it's uncommon.

    It's same like Monster Dynamics but this time I used Dumper.It's a bit harder to do it but it can

    get you higher.You can do everything with it that you commonly do with monster truck unless

    iBSM's.It freakin' fun so go stunt!

    BTW I didn't know should I tell you this before Concept 2 but I didn't know is it new or not.

    As you can see I just have discovered a new method.This is my post on www.gtastunting.net and they

    say it's new.

    How to do it:

    1.Spawn a Dumper.

    2.Drive it on the incoming cars hood but be careful that the car bellow you don't get moved by you

    (it can move by itself) or you will fail.

    3.Move the Dumper.

    4.Enter the "charged" car.

    5.You'll be spinning in the air like 10000 degrees and more.

    6.Land a building on this way and you got yourself a stunt.

  2. Wow I can't wait for this game.I didn't want to buy Carbon becuse it was too unrealistic and too smiliar to

    Most Wanted but now...I hope it won't be too hard to keep the car safe.This and NBA Live are only good

    games from EA imo...and few other shooters ofc.

  3. Welcome.

    Although this is completely unnecessary regarding that there's already one introduction topic where you

    can introduce yourself.

    But I suppose it's okay and I don't wanna sound like an old fag.


  4. That's not official information and R* didn't mention nationality of any character to any of magazines

    especially not to ridiculous Screenfun which I used to buy too...That's pure assumption.

    I just wanted to make that clear cause I know what's that magazine like.

    Also it's obvious that Alderney will be the biggest area and they could read anywhere on the net that

    Niko is going to be able to store weapons in truck so it's pretty obvious that peds will be able

    to do that too.

    Pretty poor informations...and I still believe Niko is Croatian.

  5. First of all I don't think that's because of Fraps but if it is:

    1.Start VC and do a stunt.

    2.Press F2 to save that stunt in .rep format.

    3.Exit VC and start Fraps.

    4.Enter VC again and press F3 to view saved stunt.

    5.Record it!

    I hope you understood.This way you can avoid doing stunts while your Fraps is on.