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  1. Yo Shermaaaaaan, mah dawg!

  2. Mooheehheeheh. Which I suppose it's the sound Llama's make.... Which I have no idea about. How's it goin', lad? :P

  3. What's on my mind? Brains, cells and nasty stuff...

  4. Þis is þe letter I like most of all þe alphabet

  5. Any of 'em ol' boys around?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Silberio


      Yeah, I noticed that!

      Never had the chance to talk too much to her though, but I remember 'er ^^

    3. JustADummy


      Well I'm here for 2 years less than her but yeah she's been missing.

    4. Spaz The Great

      Spaz The Great

      I've been here roughly.... 9 years?

  6. Long time, lads!

    1. Miles Pedro Prower
    2. Nate10


      Stick around and it won't have to be a 'long time no talk' thing!

    3. Silberio


      Well, hope so :P

      I'll be checkin' around... There ain't much activity as I see though :/ Cya 'round!

  7. Glad to hear that! :) Yeah, time really does fly; I'ts been a year since I moved to Sweden, and it feels like a few months only... Well, I've been a little busy studying and screwing around with music; Tryin' to get some contact or a band ^^

  8. Just fine, parnder ^^ Long time ago, eh?

    How are you?

  9. Hey there pardner, how's it goin'?

  10. Espresso and a Cuban Cigar <3

  11. What happend in 2007?

    Seriously, I dont remember xD

  12. I like it better E B D G# B E, that makes a good blues =D

  13. Yeah, 'guess it's been a while that I didn't ride my horses.

    How's the family?


  14. Hey, long time no see, pardner.


  15. Howdy.

    How you doin', pardner?

  16. I miss Francisca... And my grey pants.

  17. Howdy Doody!

    Well, i think I'll be able to get on a lil' more often.

  18. Hey matey, thanks!

    Hope to see ya'll soon.

  19. Greetings!

    How yo doin'?

  20. Prevjet, Pardner!

    You stole my name-idea, hehe :P

  21. Howdy ho!

    You know about the economical crisis? Cabbage's are too expensive!!

    But I'm thinking to burn carrot's, or onions...BTW, how you doin', Matey?

  22. Groovy, I'm fine, really good, thank ya :P

  23. Howdy, how you doin'?

  24. Yeah, it's damn hot here, about 30 degrees, maybe more.

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