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  1. I guess I haven't much to talk around in the serious chat... And I guess I belong to the off-topic side of the forum... I guess that's how it is... I dont like, but I guess things happen' that way...

    Anyway, yeah, this topic brings me back good ol' memories... Thats why I tried to bring it back on the first page; the site needs a little more life!

    at least the off topic forum...

    ...Well you ask me if I'll miss her kisses, I guess I will, eve'ry day; I dont like it but I guess things happen' that way...*Sings away*

  2. Awesome, now use all that excitement in you to make a good impression on this place.

    How on earth am I going to do that?

    Seriously, how?

    BTW, I need a cup of cherry tea... It makes me write strange shit... My brother said what I wrote was poetry...


  3. Big fucken bump













































































    If ya' didn't notice, I bumped an over-year old topic...

    This'll get me banned....

    *Thought* How the hell do you put spoilers??*Thought*


    This was on purpose as I was bored...I am worried...

  4. Howdy.

    Well, first of all, I was thinkin on naming the topic "*FREE BEER*" to get more attention, but whatever.

    After that stinkin' low grade joke, I would like to post some of my poetry, or something like that.

    Y'know, I ussually write my Verses and poetry in spanish, so those little piece's are kind of... mediocre' (If that's the word).

    Anyway, here it is:

    This is what's called "Free Poetry" AFAIK, as that kind of writing doesnt need to follow classical poetry rules.

    You are everything


    Where can I go?

    I just love you

    You know it is true

    So, where can I go?


    Just leave me here

    I am the one who’s gone

    I am the on who loves you

    Just don’t le it be a broken hearth

    Tell me, who’s gone?

    Yeah, I know it’s me

    Nevertheless, it could be you

    For without you, I don’t exist

    And without myself, I‘m me gone

    However, without me, you aren’t anymore

    For I can’t think on you

    You are me and I am you

    We need each other

    Like the river needs its water

    Like the bird needs the sky

    Like eagle needs its eyes

    You are mine

    I am yours

    Like the tree needs someone’s view

    For the trees sing when you walk

    And they sing for you

    For your happiness

    For you are a virgin

    For me, my princess

    The time in my space

    The eyes of my soul

    The light in my wine




    This shit... *Ahemm*, this "writing" is closer to classical poetry-

    There is no way out

    There is no one around

    You love is biting me right now

    There is no one around

    I am on my own

    I need your love

    Girl, tell me now

    I'm gone

    I am gone forever

    Gone For nighttime while

    Have fun for my time

    Going to come back? Never

    I have the will

    However, you get me twice

    Girl, I love you

    I got the will

    I am all yours

    Just to tell me

    I will get through

    Just tell me

    ‘Cause I need you

    Love me

    Listen to me

    Love me

    Just gone with the wind

    And the sea sparkling’ your name

    The rain tasting your lips

    Feeling your hips

    Smile this day, because I am gone

    Away, away, away

    I am taking my way

    If you follow me, I turn alone

    I get back to your hearth

    And on to my dreams

    You are my rose

    I am your thorn

    You are part of me

    And I am part of you

    ‘Cause I love you

    ‘Cause you’ll love me

    Don’t bring me down

    Don’t take me out

    Sweet girl, your mine

    Let me get down your line


    Now this... this is a song I wrote in 4/4, key of E with a slight Country tempo.

    Look, around yourself, don’t you feel alone?

    Well, I do, but I am on my own

    And I don’t know how I make it through

    All the day long with my blues

    True love will never die

    That’s why I can’t forget you, even if I try

    For you are my only love

    Don’t leave me wounded, all alone

    ‘Cause even if the morning was cold

    Or I was running through the storm

    I would always see you again

    I never had to wait

    But now, you’re farther away from me

    Even though its just a few blocks away

    Who’s smile am I going to see?

    Every morning, day after day

    Yeah, it seems so easy for everyone

    Having what they want and need all the time

    But I have to stay alone in the tide

    And I guess I wont fall in love anymore

    Getting your love seems so hard

    But Jesus walked on the water one day

    Sometimes I think my hearth will tear apart

    And that my soul is going to wither away


    Hope you've liked it, Lord bless ya all, cheers.

  5. Sweet topic, I've been laughing and thinking (Something I ussually never do) for a good while now.

    All I have to say after reading all that, is that you get what you give; if you start being an immature dickhead insulting everyone, you'll be treated as a dickhead, not insulted, instead, you'll get a more human (If that's the word) answer, either banned or suspended.

    And as many other people here said, you either change, or leave.

    I tell for my own experience; I used to roam around posting shit, and I got suspended once, if I remember well.

    But I noticed I was wrong after I tried to leave; I'm still a dickhead, but I guess I have respect for others - Hehe.

    So, get good, or fuck off, sorry to tell ya, but thats what I feel (I am a man of hard words).

    @Jace: Can you spare some Popcorn over here, pardner?

    It's a lil cold outside and i have no money to buy my own *sad puppy face*

  6. Well, i got a few pictures here... Pretty old though, but still...

    I decided to post all of those at once, as I dont know if I'll get on soon again.

    *(That sound on airplanes when the "Fasten Seat belts" light goes on)* If you don't like it, please, STFU *(sound on airplanes when the "Fasten Seat belts" light goes on)*

    This is the whole 8th grade some days before the graduation...

    See if you can guess who I am.


    I jumped there at the last moment.


    Before i was going to sing at school.

    I sung "Ring of Fire", "Cocaine Blues" and "It's allright mamma"


    Yeah, it was a nice day... That's the "Tennessee Three", the two guys beside me was playing Harmonica, and the gal just got there in the pic 'cause of the hell of it... She's a great gal.


    That one was at the graduation ball;

    And thats a pretty good friend of mine (Allthough, i allways wanted something else...), Gabriela "Gaby" Bravo; She was standing on a chair for the pic...

  7. My mammas ironic words to make me clean my room...

    That guy from the third floor in my building (I dont even know him...)

    Those 3 feet tall kids that belive they're better, smarter and stronger than me (Or other people at my age...) and try to set up a fight to get cryin to their mamma when you haven't even said a word...

    Gramatic rules

    When i can't tune my guitar

    Recorded laughs on Sitcom's (Allthough, sometimes i get used to it)

  8. Most of my songs start with "I" in each sentence, pardner - Hehe.


    Well, I havent got much to say... Dont know if anyone remembers me around here.

    It's been pretty much a long time ago I didnt sign in here.

    I got back to sweden with my mamma, and we havnt got own house by the moment, so there's we dont have acces to internet so often, but i can get to my brother's house and use his comp', that's pretty good.

    I miss my friends over there in chile... and my gal (Even though she never became actually "mine", we're just friends, but I hope the lord will make a miracle... who knows...), but it's pretty nice over here, we've got a lot of snow.

    I see forward to get a house, a computer, and internet soon, so i may be posting again in a few months :)

    Well, there isn't much more to tell.

    God bless ya all, and se ya later.

  9. Howdy.

    I know I've been of for a while, but I need help for a comrade, who has bought a new cellphone, a Samsung F250, and he's got a few problems connecting.

    All what is about connecting.

    He want's to transfer files to it (Withouth PC studio, a program that came with the phone), as it says that there ain't more free space (we transfered 3 songs... LORD!), and it doesnt let us enter directly from the comp'... it say's smoething like "E:\ error on the E/S" or something.

    I woulkd apriciate some help thanks.


  10. I ate a jelly fille doughnut in the morning once, and that gave me problems, the worse thing is the the "problems" Came out in school, dammit, it was like a 2-3 meter radius, oh wow...it was a ninja one, BTW, silent, but lethal.

    Anyway, back on topic, groovy to see a guy asking for an apologise, no just busting up everything like someone else did here for some lil' time ago *Looks around and whistles* (Good thing on the forum, i pretend to whistle, but in real life I cant - Mwahahaha).

    Well, can't say anything more, just keep on doing matey's around here, pardner.

  11. Hey Silberio! I didn't notice you were back. So yeah Welcome back I guess!

    Not really, but thanks :)

    I just have got acces to internet these last days, as I've been coming to my aunts house those day's, but I'm still not fully back - Heh.

    BTW, groovy with the bass, I really want one now, Blues is my thing baby :P

    @ YellowJacket: Jazz, I only say that, Jazz. :mellow:

    @ Dark Lord: Looks like Chilean "Feria", or something like "Persian Market", LuLz :P

  12. Guess that's one of the smartest things said in here, even if it's unfair punishment, you should give a "Yes mom" or "I'm sorry", not blaming anyone, and, as TM says, Be a better student.

    I really want a PS3 (Allthough, I prefer a Guitar, those Gibson rocks!), but we allmost dont have to get lunch in my house, and even less for a PS3, so consider yourself lucky, and be gratefull to at least have a PS3, even you get punished by not...Having it.

    If I've learnt something in my 15 years of life is that when your parents punish you, it's for your own good...Statenes (whatever it is called, but it's good for you), and that it helps to get more mature overtime, and that it is not good to hit yourself with a 15mm "thick" bambu stick between your legs (It hurts).

    Meditate on TM's words.

    Das Vidanja.

    PS: Thanks for the...Grammar lesson :mellow: (About "flipp off")

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