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  1. st_evil

    Im back

    some people my not remember me but for the people who do im back !!
  2. st_evil

    more respect

    well i should'nt been tell alll my tips 4 free but here i go get armour weps etc kill cops your bar go's up like an cm every 10 secs lose cops fast when you have police after you go into your safe house and save your game you will have no stars on you
  3. If you would like to go to a good site, check out http://s6.CRAPPY IF SITE/GC999/index.php?[ hope link works ] good posistions open just say the D.l.R sent you aka st _evil . gaming central your only no1 for gta nfs and halo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i hope i dont muc this up because this is the first time ive done a poll
  5. st_evil

    User Shops

    lol if you could get lottery tickets in the shop that would be cool
  6. st_evil

    Resident Evil Outbreak File 2

    I post here every day so there is atleast me posting very few hours
  7. st_evil


  8. st_evil

    wepons of LB

    well lets put it like this ak-47 : good close range also if you run out of runs its nice and heavyso beat em over the head with it m-16 : good at far range often mistaken for sniper riffle but unlike the ak it dont have armour piercing bullets plus you buy ak 47's for 18 dollars in africa
  9. st_evil

    Favorite Character?

    phil is the guy with 1 arm on the mission in the army depo , catalina is the best char she dont take $!?? from no0ne
  10. st_evil

    Favorite Character?

    phil is the guy with 1 arm on the mission in the army depo , catalina is the best char she dont take $!?? from no0ne
  11. st_evil

    Gangs of Liberty City

    shot gun anit anit the best gun good when up close but an m16 or ak47 whould sort the men from the dead
  12. st_evil

    get money for

    I post all the time but im not a spammer , it depends on what there saying
  13. well they do ork very hard but getting paid when your not even working
  14. st_evil

    my forums

    true it is slopy and need some work done it but it should pay off in the end
  15. st_evil

    which is the superior game?

    well they are all good in there on way but gta vc made me play the game :!:
  16. st_evil

    Favorite Gang

    I like lantie paulies gang becuase they dont hit/shoot me cause there to stoned
  17. st_evil

    Favorite Boss

    mine is phil because of the mission when he's drunk on boonshine
  18. st_evil

    CraC's Illegal Emporium

    Dude how come when ever i enter your shop its always empty
  19. st_evil

    Read this

    why was'nt sa releast before gta 3 cause sa has most of the main char from vc and gta 3 are in sa plus who do some of the cops look like more like tommyor unnamed guy ?
  20. st_evil

    GTASA on PC

    But all the pc Versions are crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. st_evil

    What upcoming games will you be getting?

    i the first 2 other to are s_--( not good )
  22. st_evil

    GTA Advance Forum

    posting as much as i can chis
  23. st_evil

    2CD and DVD set now available

    not a bad idea bring out a dvd to back the game up, hmmm hope i can get a copy of that
  24. st_evil

    Gangs of Liberty City

    yardie would kill you all but there to stoned
  25. st_evil

    im stuck

    im stuck on 1 of wu zi mu 's missions on the 3rd island, the robbery , for some resion when ever i try to go on a date with girl who has the key card shes never there !!! do's any1 know the right day\time to visit her ? plz i need all the help i can get PLZZZZZ