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Status Updates posted by MrLlamaLlama

  1. Dead pixel, finally gone after 2+ years of trying. HUZZAH!

    1. LDoubleU


      your screen will never be the same again

    2. EvoLuTioN


      Didnt you get a new one like a month ago?

    3. MrLlamaLlama


      @evo: naww stuck with the 22" - actually was looking at buying a 24" a couple days ago since i was sick of the thing.

  2. Wonders if anyone else has ever installed Ubuntu whilst listening to dubstep?

    1. Damjan


      I did.But without dubstep, it was House instead.(the music.)

    2. Damjan


      *the genre..

  3. Anyone got L4D2?

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    2. Chris
    3. Chris


      Evo actually blackmailed me for his copy btw :(

    4. EvoLuTioN


      I used my Indianness on you sir.

  4. To the TGTAP regulars out there: You know who you are, would be sweet to add you on Steam or w/e: MrLlamaLlama (orly?)

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    2. MrLlamaLlama


      I only really bought valave games before.. like HL2, Left 4 Dead, etc... but then i bought stuff like the GTA collection for £5 on sale, Just Cause 2, etc. They have a massive load of games that sell in retail aswell.

      http://store.steampowered.com/ - store page

    3. MrLlamaLlama


      They have loads of kick-ass trippy 'indie' games too.

    4. Nate10


      Nice, thanks dude. If I ever get an account, I'd like to at least get some games I know I can play with friends.

  5. Almost finished IV's main story...

  6. Firefox 4 = awesome

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    2. Ivan


      There's a firefox 4? Lol

    3. MrLlamaLlama


      Not really seeing any problems with mine, all sees to work really nicely. Only pain is the tab groups crap, for it to work, imo, the thing needs t be able to boot with tabs already in groups.

    4. Chris
  7. Finally has GTAIV.. a long time later.

  8. GTA Classics £4.99 on Steam! 1, 2, III, VC, SA included!

  9. Loves having an epic PC again, and being able to multitask the entire CS4 suite, play my music, download and runeverythign on full. :P

  10. Has just bought GTAIV. Worst moderator ever.

    1. Gerard


      Ahahaha! Love it

  11. wooooooooooooo new pc wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    2. Damjan


      DAMN.That must've costed some serious money.

    3. MrLlamaLlama


      it turned out at just over 1200 england money. It dominates all.

    4. The Bossman

      The Bossman

      No idea what the fuck it means in your sig, but sounds awesome regardless. Use a controller?

  12. New rig next week hahahahahahahahaha!

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    2. MrLlamaLlama


      Haha perhaps not. Student finance went in and bank think i must be in a cuban gambling cyndicate. Debit card cancelled. 10 day wait. Motherfuckers.

    3. MrLlamaLlama
    4. Chris


      Do we have a topic for pc specs? This space is too small for my liking :P

  13. Remeber kids, more money means more people to take it from you...

  14. This isn't russia.

    1. JustADummy


      this is sparta.

    2. DromeoStalker


      worce than cretaceous period

    3. MrLlamaLlama


      Given our very existence, i'd beg to differ.

  15. Thanks for the kind words, btw.. wasn't really too awake this morning :)

  16. Hah, yeah, I finished it a couple hours before the upgrade. Chris' fault :P

    I'll fix it when I can be arsed.

  17. Hey man, have a good Bday, grab a bag (or two) and mong the hell out... :D

  18. Yeah i have, it's pretty lulz.

    'Tonight... we throw a chair over a hedge...'

    James May gets pwnt rather awesomley aswell :D

  19. It's epic BS lol.

    There's like 8 different people that drive as him. xD

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