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    Word Association

  2. Thug-a-nomics

    Games Arcade!

    YEp, on mo0st u have to follow the instruyction, the shout box is cool, that wud be a good one for chris
  3. Thug-a-nomics

    Questions about the shop.

    Thanks smart boy, now all i need is lots of customers p.s i have a topic all about my shop in 'The Trading Stalls'
  4. Thug-a-nomics

    Questions about the shop.

    lol, i look forward to buying from ur shop then
  5. Thug-a-nomics

    Questions about the shop.

    Yep we sorted ti out on MSN i think it is fixed now
  6. Thug-a-nomics

    Questions about the shop.

    Chris u made a mistke in the user shop, u can't add any items coz of this 'Maximum Sell Price: 1 Minimum Sell Price: 150000 ' ao u can set the price, u need to make them 2 figures the other way round.
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    favourite pedestrian saying

    Yep i love that one too, they way she says it too tho makes it even better
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    Word Association

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    The Wallpaper to accentuate the Box Arts

    Is it just me with a crappy pc or does it no-longer work ?
  10. Thug-a-nomics

    Download GTA Free and Legally!

    I ahve seen it at other place too such as GTAF so it isn't just at GTAD
  11. Thug-a-nomics

    Questions about the shop.

    Yep, that gagn hack promised soooo much but yet brought soooo little , it chris knows how to that one it would be extremely cool
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    Word Association

  13. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

  14. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

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    What are you listening to right now?

    The undertaker music on mp3
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    Word Association

  17. Thug-a-nomics

    MSN down?

    Well whatever it was it seems to be sorted out now so that is cool
  18. Thug-a-nomics

    Questions about the shop.

    crapsy i misunderstood it sorrry i just realized, it can only be edited by admins
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    Word Association

  20. Thug-a-nomics

    Cams Site Help Store!

    This is a good idea cam, as many people have problems with installing stuff
  21. Thug-a-nomics

    Questions about the shop.

    cc17, u asked them, before i dunno if the first one was answered but the second one was, u can set the periods yourself, i think chris said
  22. Thug-a-nomics

    Coffee Break Forums

    i am sorry to inform u but it is down now
  23. Thug-a-nomics

    The Shop

    lol, no problem man. ok chris i just bought 2 brass knuckles
  24. Thug-a-nomics

    The Shop

    Right, we have built up quite alot of money, buy yet we can hardly buy any items still, and i was just wondering when will all the items be there. If you don't want to do it your self chris, i will happily do it for you -Thug i am sorry if this has already been discussed
  25. Thug-a-nomics

    The Shop

    What u maen by ' what problems are u facing'? yep, i was just trying to find out when the shopm will get its stock