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    Games Arcade!

    Just take two seconds to look at the top of the page, it is right next to 'user shops' can u see it now?
  2. Thug-a-nomics

    MSN down?

    I got another problem with it today, sort it out bill
  3. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

  4. Thug-a-nomics

    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome to the forums man, have fun
  5. Thug-a-nomics

    The funky pong game

    That didn't work for me
  6. Thug-a-nomics

    fave sport

    That was close between footy and bball, but seen as i am better at bball than footy i voted for basketball
  7. Thug-a-nomics

    Favourite Wrestler

    kane has the biggest/most annoying story line at thge moment, with the undertaker coming back tommorow, but to be honest that story it pretty darn shit
  8. Thug-a-nomics

    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome to all tha new members of recent times, have fun!
  9. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

  10. Thug-a-nomics

    Shop Forum

    Just like u used to be able to on GTAD 888ball, remember??
  11. Thug-a-nomics

    Games Arcade!

    Yep that hhappened to me on frogger too, i had done really well too
  12. Thug-a-nomics

    Favourite Wrestler

    Yep there are interfearences virtually every show
  13. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

  14. Thug-a-nomics

    what happened to jaruff?

    Jaruff is cool apart from his GTAC mess up
  15. Thug-a-nomics


    Not bad at all 7/10 from me
  16. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

  17. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

    fun (not that i enjoy it )
  18. Thug-a-nomics

    Fav. Arcade Game

    Yep need for speed is very cool, i have to agree with that sate
  19. Thug-a-nomics

    Games Arcade!

    I hear u have sorted that little problem out sate so just ignore her.
  20. Thug-a-nomics

    OO7 Everything Or Nothing

    This game is cool, i also love the Daytone, what a bike
  21. Thug-a-nomics

    Where Am I

    lmao, i got dat one straight away, this is a cool idea keep them comin joyrider
  22. Thug-a-nomics

    The Darkness

    IMO, i think i will put dat on right now
  23. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

  24. Thug-a-nomics

    Gangs of Liberty City

    I likeed the Mafia best personally
  25. Thug-a-nomics

    Music Genre

    I like rap and rock, it depends who it is by