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  1. my hi is 29 mil in Moscow :mellow:

    anyone play THUG online?

    I beat it on normal, and Sick mode it is soooo hard. im at chapter 26, the spot challenges, and i cannot complete them!

  2. We are back...

    After Pyro left the DS to his RHM, chrisman, things slowly began to get worse. People started getting less interested in the DS and they started weakening. In 2004, the DS closed down, thought never to be up again. But then came two people. One was very knowledged about the DS, being the old head driver. The two decided to resurrect this once great gang, and thats just what they did. Together they re-built the, now asian, gang. The old club was re-opened, now called Club Red. Johnny went to work rebuilding the club, making it look and sound even better then ever, while Spaz headed off to the old garage to rebuild the old DS Cheetah. With the club open once more, and the car running better then before, the Dragon Stealths are once again open and recruiting new members.


    The Positions

    Oyabun : Skyline787

    Oyabun : PaganGuru

    Wakagashira :

    Right Hand Man : The Fear

    Advisor : (open)

    Warlord Division::

    Head Warlord : 888ball

    Warlord : Tony Montana

    Warlord : Nelly

    Warlords Bodyguards : (open)

    Warlords Drivers : (open)

    Street Division::

    Thug : (open)

    Turf Walker : (open)

    Turf Walker : (open)

    Personal Staff::

    Oyabun's Bodyguard : (open)

    Wakagashira Bodyguard : (open)

    Lawyer : (open)

    Limo Driver : Colonel: J. Cortez

    Bodyguard : (open)

    Helicopter Pilot : (open)

    Dojo Division::

    Dojo Owner : (open)

    Shihan : (open)

    Sensei : (open)

    Sempai : (open)

    Xero-1 Racing Divison::

    -.The Team : The racers.

    Race Advocate: Insane_Pyro28

    Racer X, Advocate's RHM: Skyline787

    ----. Car/s: 92 Nissan 240SX -.- Firetruck

    The Elite: The best on the street.


    -----------. Cars: Ford Escort RS Cosworth -.- Toyota Toms 84C


    -----------. Cars: Black 42 Ford

    The Racers: The best, but a step down from The Elite.


    Race Advocate: Insane_Pyro28

    The Crew : The ones who make it happen.

    --. The Mechanics: The ones who work on the cars.


    --. The Parts Importers: In charge of importing the best.


    --. The Car Importers: In charge of importing the fastest


    --. The Radars: The cop detectors




    - Dressed in black suits, with the DS emblem over their left breast, the DS stand proud. Spiked hair, an uzi in their hands, and a switchblade in their pocket.



    Im getting them.

    Ok guys Spaz was banned so, if you want a new story just tell me

  3. yeah the Sims shouldn't have ever been made for the Ps2.

    Some games are just meant for PC sometimes.

    I used to want the Sims Online until I started reading reviews and talking to people on GameFaqs about it, and it really sucks.

    They said it's real hard to earn cash, plus you can't fast forward time so you have to wait hours while your sim is sleeping!

    Yeah, but it was probably made for people who dont have a computer

    And I Still think it would be a fun game, just Play a game while ur waiting

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