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Status Updates posted by Sherman

  1. I've been at work and SCHOOLS and the house of boobs, duh. :) I've been good<3 Whatsup? I gotta work at my LOVELY GROCERY STORE in a bit.

  2. Hey<3 I miss jew. Where you been WOMAN? =) and nothing really. just got up to go to school, cuz only cool kids go to school to get edjumucated ;D what about you? =)

  3. INDEED. Nothing over DD though. xD

    I have to go to school soon, all the cool kids go there. I mean there are still lame people, they forgot to drop out though.

  4. Lazy butt. =P Okay well. I mean you posted that at 6 pm here.. who knows what time there. =P

    Dude. O.O did you put like. Your finger in the anus of a cow? THAT'S THE ONLY EXPLANATION TO THIS BLASPHOMY.

    Okay I'm bored too. hahah. What's going on?

  5. *plants face in boobz*

    Hm. Just got in from schoolzomg. What about you? =P

  6. I've been decent, school is okay. I hate rednecks. heh. HOW ARE YOU BOOB BUDDY? =)

  7. I'm going to bed right now, but you are now my boob buddy.

    I love boobs too ;D hahah. how're you LAURAHHHHH?

  8. But I sucked on a different finger, unlike Laura


  9. Sup? Yes I missed me some Evo xD we shall play SA-MP sometime soon

  10. NOPE. Actually, I've got a nice break from that ;D I'm going to Florida Saturday. Basically 21 hours and I'm out of NC. WOOT!

  11. lol @ Don's mom. SUP LAURA ;D

  12. New Zeland sucks. YOU AND YOUR WOMBATS. =P! I work at Foodlion. It's Delhaize and some other shit across the world. I work the frozen food section, I swear some of that stuff looks SO gross. I can never understand why I stock i everyday. =/

  13. xD Just got in from work, eating cheesecake bites. Yay for being a fatty! Florida in... 5 days ;D WOO. What about you? =)

  14. Laura? I thought your name was LARRY O.O =P

  15. =P dayum. I hate staying up for days at a time.. end up working all the time, so yeah. And pfftt. I'd hate you >=( OKAY not really :P you should get them and then gimmie ;D Sorry I forgot about our comments :( have fun at le party! <3

  16. Oh, I'm sorry D: time is it there? It's 11 43pm in americuntry. And pft, screw you. We're only 9 months apart >_> ATLEAST I HAVE MY LICENSE ;D OH YEAH.


  17. awesome ;D I'll think about it. I don't watch many movies o.o I'M CREEPY BUT I'M FUNNY BE MY FRAN? lolz idk. Whatsup? =)

  18. Nah, I haven't. I got more cut off than I wanted.. but my hair grows like, uber fast so it's okay. Tell me how it is! =)

  19. lmao, sup?

  20. Pft, you're gonna be old first >.> <.< :P Nothing much, haircut tomorrow, WOO! I haven't decided what I want yet though. And yourself? ;D

  21. You're invisible in the comment section of the forum! CONGRADUATLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111

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