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  1. I was wondering why her cooch was so floppy! Atleast I didn't get the one with the giant sausage, jesus! I felt bad for you!

  2. I love how when you visit someones profile, all it says is "Guilty.by.ass..." Friggen sweet. :P

  3. Sup! lol @ someones username says Guilty.By.Ass on your profile

  4. I'm the admin, you're a mod. Shuddup and get back to work *pops whip* o.o YEAH THAT'S RIGHT.

  5. Hey nigra slave

  6. Lol, no, thats NorCal. NorCar is North Carolina

  7. You don't have to report everything you see wrong, just if it's something REALLY major. Most of the topics get sifted through by one staff member or another. And why are your PMs turned off?

  8. Stop policing around my forums, slut. xD

  9. No, no, no. I manage them. :P I didn't create it or anything.

  10. Delete system 32 is a good story.

  11. Would you like to say something to me? Wtf was that comment about?

  12. If you get it, you'll be auto-banned. :o

  13. lol, that's cool, Merry Christmas! It's just now eve here, about 2 hours in. So.. two more sleeps and it'll be here ^_^

    aye well, take care. I'm off to bed.

  14. Just kind dumb, but meh. Whatever. :P Whatsup?

  15. Attempting to be smartass much? Geez. Fail.

  16. Ofcourse, aliens made earth.

  17. Happy birthday man, even though you'll never read this.

  18. Happy birthday dude, have a good one. And tell Jade I said hi!

  19. Up early are we? o.O

  20. The chick in your avatar kinda reminds me of you, haha.

  21. hah, I just noticed I missed you by an hour. damnyoutimeszones.

  22. So I've been to school and back and you probably aren't even up. So lazy, haha. (:


  23. well, hi there.

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